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Police Hunting For Chainsaw Attacker In Switzerland

Police are searching for this man, Franz Wrousis 

There's a manhunt for a man who is reported to have attacked a health insurance office using a chainsaw. The man's name is Franz Wrousis The incident happened in Switzerland. This particular attack happened in a town known as Schaffhausen.

The town is rather small as well with only around 35 thousand people living in it.

A man known as Franz Wrousis is said to have used a chainsaw to attack five people inside of a health insurance office. There has now been a manhunt that is involving more than 100 police officers for this man. Police have said that he is 51-years-old and is supposedly living in the woods. Officers did mention that he is still dangerous and may still be armed with the chainsaw. He apparently even has previous convictions for weapon offenses.

The motive for this attack at an insurance office is not to clear for now.

This attack is said to have happened on Monday during the morning and the attacker had attacked employees for the insurance company known as CSS.

Ravi Landolt who is a police Major said:  "This is not an attack against a hypothetical person. This is clearly against people from the insurer."

Police reportedly found the vehicle he was driving on Monday afternoon but sadly did not find Franz Wrousis.

One person said that they reported Franz Wrousis to police before after he verbally attacked them.

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