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10 Interesting Facts About Nukes

Nuclear Weapon Test (Pixabay)

We've all thought about nuclear bombs at least once in our lifetimes. We wonder what it must be like to hold that kind of responsibility. The reason we used/created them and more. So here are 10 crazy facts you need to know about nuclear bombs.

1) The largest nuclear bomb ever detonated was called the Tsar bomb. It apparently even cracked windows in Sweden and was detonated by the Soviet Union.  The nuke itself was pretty scary when you think about it. Just think about that, it was the largest, I guess it's good it wasn't ever used against people right.

2) Apparently, the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima released an amount of energy equivalent to a conversion of 0.7 grams of matter into energy. Which is something else if you ask us. Imagine that on a larger scale. Oh wait, we can, it would not be pretty.

3) The Trinity nuclear bomb site left something unique after the test in that area. There was glass that was made from the sand after the detonation. The glass is primarily composed of arkosic sand composed of Quartz grains and feldspar.

4) A single U.S stealth bomber can apparently carry  16 B83 nuclear bombs which each of those bombs can produce 75 times the amount of force from the Hiroshima bomb.

5) On February 5, 1958, The United States Air Force apparently lost a hydrogen bomb that weighed 7600 pounds. It was never found. That happened in  Wassaw Sound in Savannah, Georgia.

6) An atomic bomb cameraman removed his safety goggles for few seconds after the bomb exploded and he immediately covered his eyes with his hands. He could see the bones of his hands through his eye lids.

7) During the height of the Cold War, the U.S developed a plan to drop a nuke on the moon to show military might. It never happened obviously but the mathematical part of the plan was developed by Carl Sagan.

8) There was a total of 928 announced nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site. Apparently, 828 of those were underground. Kind of crazy when you think of it. A fat portion was underground.

9) There's an incident called the Vela Incident. Now, this particular incident does not have any nation that's taken responsibility for the test blast.  It's been disputed ever since it happened in 1979. There were characteristics of a nuclear detonation but it's still debated it if truly was or not.

10) The Manhatten Project scientist had fears that a fission bomb would cause something called runaway fission and would light the atmosphere up.

By Michael Normandin 

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