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Antifa Members Tell War Veteran To 'F*ck Off, Nazi Scum."

A man gets sprayed with a chemical irritant as multiple fights break out between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters in Berkeley, California on April 15, 2017. (Credit: Getty/Josh Edelson)

Antifa members in Boston have reportedly called a former U.S soldier who was deployed to Afghanistan a "Nazi." The incident happened on Saturday and the Antifa members were counter-protesting a free speech rally. Antifa is also known for disliking President Donald Trump.

Boston Antifa said on the social media platform known as Twitter “Veterans don’t get a free pass. Today’s Nazi for defending freedom of speech yesterday. You’re most at fault #BostonFreeSpeech #BostonResist."

The video shows Antifa shouting at the veteran and him staying extremely calm.

A news crew was interviewing a former veteran on Saturday during the free speech rally. This brave former American soldier had said he enlisted in the United States military. He was also sent to Afghanistan.

Antifa members had apparently called him a Nazi which truly is something disrespectful. This situation is something that should not happen. A soldier keeps us safe in our beds, homes, workplaces, etc. These people are some of the bravest people we have in our society, they're people who we do not call Nazis. This man stood up for the rights of the people and stood up for the values of America.

There's even a video of this going down. There's basically a group of Antifa member saying "F*ck Off Nazi Scum."

They were pretty close to this guy's face and yet he kept his cool and continued his interview.

Here's the video
This also is not the first time Antifa has done something like this. A few months ago Antifa members were reportedly told to locate Confederate graves and desecrate them. You can read our article on that over here

By Michael Normandin 

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