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CNN Goes Daily On Snapchat With News

Globe in New York (Pixabay)

CNN a very large news network has come up with a new plan to try an attract younger audiences. They're going daily on Snapchat with a show called The Update. The Update features five news stories from reporters, bureaus around the world.

It is said to be going daily with episodes being streamed at 6 P.M. This is a decent time frame when you consider that it will allow both students and workers whoa re home from work around that time. This allows them to settle down with the 6 o-clock news on Snapchat.

Snapchat already has a Discover area. This area allows a user to watch stories from publishers. CNN was apparently part of that.

This is also CNN's answer to NBC's "stay tuned" show that has generated millions of views on Snapchat. CNN's "The Update" will give more options for viewers to watch some of the most well known and most trusted news sources around.

This will certainly allow younger people to keep up with current events. Young people often don't keep up with current events because they feel that it's not that important. However, a lot of people feel the opposite way and would love to have services to see the news easily and quickly so that they can have a conversation starter.

We asked a rather consistent user of Snapchat what they thought of the new show reportedly being launched. "Well, we are already so plugged in, I say if it IS credible sources being put on snap chat to help us stay connected and aware then yeah for sure Mr. Jones said. "

By Michael Normandin 

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