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Japan Wants A Denuclearized World During Anniversary Of Hiroshima

Tokyo, Japan (Pixabay)

Japan a country that had suffered two nuclear bombs being dropped on them during the second world war wants the world where it is denuclearized. This happened on the 72nd anniversary of Hiroshima, this was just one place where a nuke was dropped on the Japanese. The other was Nagasaki.

It is said that 50,000 people are representatives from around 80 other countries were in attendance.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe said: "For us to truly realize a world without nuclear weapons, the participation of both nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states is necessary,"

The United Nations is said to have reached its first agreement on a ban on nuclear weapons.  Countries that have nuclear weapons apparently did not want to take part in the vote or the negotiations. One of those countries is the United States. However, Japan is said to be among them as well.

Japan does, however, already follow a policy of not possessing, allowing nuclear weapons in its territory, and does not produce them.

One critic of this policy is the United States because they feel that North Korea would still be producing and trying to advance its nuclear program even with the ban. They're not wrong to feel that way because North Korea has in the past continued to commit several horrendous crimes even if they're illegal. Some of these crimes are placing people into forced labor camps. The possibility of people dying in these camps is rather high because of the sheer brutality of them.

If this prohibition actually gets ratified it is said that it'll be put into place 90 days after that.

President of the United States, Donald Trump apparently told Reuters in February  "if countries are going to have nukes, we're going to be at the top of the pack."

On the other hand former President of the United States, Barrack Obama was the first U.S president to visit Hiroshima.

While Japan wants a world with no nuclear weapons, it seems many people would rather just remove North Korea's capability to develop nuclear weapons. A lot of people feel that countries can control themselves when they possess nuclear weapons. They do not feel that an unpredictable country like North Korea should have them because of the outstanding amount of threats made by North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has made.

The  United Nations Security Council did vote unanimously to impose sanctions on North Korea. That was done because of the country's long range missile test.

General António Guterres , who is a U.N. Secretary called for nuclear-armed countries to do more in the act of riding the world of nuclear weapons.

By Michael Normandin 

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