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Next Version Of Android To Be Called Oreo

Android phone (Pixabay)

Apparently, the next version of the very popular operating system for mobile devices called Android might end up being called Oreo. This goes well with their Google's tradition. They basically name each version after a sweet treat.

It's going to come with several new features. You can reportedly use an app without having it installed. Now if that's true, it's truly something useful for those who just spend a lot of time in the play store messing around with new apps. Another feature reportedly allows you to respond to notifications directly on a home screen.

The new version might end up on Google's new Pixel phone that's supposed to start being sold during October.

The deal between Oreo's creator and Google was referred to as a partnership. This is because it's not really a sponsorship since apparently no money was exchanged.

Google's competitor Apple does not name IOS these sweet treat names. They take a different approach, as in they're more of a usual name. An example of this is with IOS 10. It's a simple name and lets you know it's a new version.

This version of Android might help Google sell more Pixel phones since people like to have the latest stuff when it comes to tech.

By Michael Normandin 

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