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Surveillance Of Your Devices By Governments Or People

Photo of computer running code. (Pixabay)

 Most of us are pretty well aware that the police, CSIS, CIA, or just government in general track us and can find us in a lot of places. We also know that these government organizations have been doing them for a good while. The tech needed to track people is easy to get your hands on. This type of tech can give anyone who is using it your info. As in all your contacts, SMS messages, and more. This causes a lot of fear for people and even causes them to question the legality of it.

First off what type of "tech" are we even referring to. We're talking about IMSI. It's basically short for International mobile subscriber identity, and what that means is it's used to identify a user of a cellular network. It's also used for getting your details on home location registry or as locally copied location registry for visitors.

This is clear cut surveillance that's used every now and then to just from most people's understanding keep tabs on people. Apparently, even Edward Snowden who spoke to Vice said that rarely has this surveillance ever stopped a terrorist attack.

An IMSI catcher essentially acts as a false cell phone tower that is like a man in the middle of the real cell phone tower and the target's phone. It can get a lot of your info pretty easily.

You can watch that video from Vice here:

You might be thinking to yourself that it must be hard to get your hands on these IMSI catchers. Well, that's not true. You can apparently buy them for a few thousand dollars off a shelf or even online.

The idea that you can be tracked was always something people hated. No one likes to know that someone can hear what you're saying or see you through your camera, read your emails, and texts.

That's why there are people who look up to Edward Snowden and feel that what he did was right. Others feel that what he did was bad and they even feel that he's a traitor to the United States.

People obviously don't like it, that's why people protest the idea of it. Protests that have people holding the signs saying "thank you, Snowden."

We asked someone who is generally concerned with what's being collected from them by governments and online websites and they had this to say.  She felt that she would dislike having her conversations recorder or even having her SMS messages viewed by someone she didn't know personally.

However, in many countries, law enforcement agencies, as well as government agencies, need to get permission from a court order to track someone or a group of people.

Whatever the case may be ISMIs is certainly something that can be scary for a lot of people. It can definitely prevent terrorist attacks but it can also be information that is not acted upon by governments, that would ultimately end up with innocent people dying because info can not be confirmed. This is a scary time for people in the world who want to live with both security and anonymity.

By Michael Normandin 

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