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This Guy lost 7,500 Bitcoins ($38M CAD Today)

James Howells threw away the hard disk containing the bitcoin this summer. Photo: Athena Picture Agency

A very unfortunate man has lost over 30 million dollars in Canadian because he tossed out his hard drive that had 7500 Bitcoins on it. This happened a few years ago and he'll probably never get his money back either.  His name is James Howells.

"You know when you put something in the bin, and in your head, say to yourself 'that's a bad idea'? I really did have that," He told the Guardian.

His Bitcoin wallet address was created in 2009 when Bitcoin was not worth a whole lot. James lost 7500 Bitcoins. However, today that current amount of Bitcoin is worth around $38 Million dollars Canadian.

The question of how he even got his hands on that large amount was back in 2009 when the coin was easy to mine. Mining is basically when your computer can be tasked with solving mathematical problems and as a reward for that, you're given a certain amount of a cryptocurrency coin. In 2009 Bitcoin was far easier to mine and he did that for a little while and he got some coins.

 "I don't have an exact date, the only time period I can give – and I've been racking my own brains – is between 20 June and 10 August. Probably mid-July". He said.

The hard drive containing the wallet address and all of the Bitcoins was tossed out in the garbage. He said that he did not think anything too important was on it at that time.

Unfortunately for James Howells, he did not have any back up of that private key. Which means that the wallet on his hard drive is basically lost forever.

James also did go to the landfill. "I had a word with one of the guys down there, explained the situation. And he actually took me out in his truck to where the landfill site is, the current ditch they're working on. It's about the size of a football field, and he said something from three or four months ago would be about three or four feet down."James said.

By Michael Normandin 

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