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Trudeau Feels Canada Can Handle New Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers line up to enter Olympic Stadium Friday, August 4, 2017 near Montreal, Quebec. The stadium is being used as temporary housing to deal with the influx of asylum seekers arriving from the United States. Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has tried to reassure Canadians that Canada can handle a lot of people that are currently coming into the country.

Trudeau also said that anyone who was caught trying to enter the country illegally would end up going through the same process as everyone else when it comes to immigration.

Quebec is actually on a track to get 12,000 asylum seekers by the end of this year. That's a very large number of people. Canada is said to have allowed at least 30,000 refugees in the country. That had to do with the migrant crisis.

The asylum requests in Quebec have tripled in the past two weeks.

The influx of asylum seekers has been putting pressure on the resources available for the province to utilize. However, Trudeau mentioned that  Ahmed Hussen who is the Immigration Minister was on his way Lacolle. This is being done to ensure everything is going as smooth as possible.

Justin Trudeau said: “We want migration to Canada to be done in an orderly fashion; there are border checkpoints and border controls that we need to make sure are respected,”

“We are ensuring that the capacity to deal with these refugees is in place and our immigration system remains strong and robust.” he mentioned.

“The core strength of Canada is that it’s not governments that are open to immigration, it’s Canadians themselves who are open to immigration,” he said.

Trudeau also said: “One of the reasons Canadians are open to immigration is because we know it has contributed to the growth of this country. Protecting Canadians’ confidence in the integrity of our system allows us to continue to be open, and that’s exactly what I plan to continue to do.”

Quebec, on the other hand, has reportedly asked Ottawa to help in aiding with a lot of asylum seekers' requests.

Asylum seekers are currently being held at Montreal's Olympic Stadium. It is said that the area that's been set up for them can hold 600 people.

By Michael Normandin 

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