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Montreal Transport Services Should Be Free Experts Reportedly Say

Photo of city and bus (pixabay)

Experts have recently expressed that they feel it is necessary for the public transport sector in Montreal to be free. The idea to have it turn free was done after a study was conducted in Montreal. There's also a cost that needs to be examined if this was to go through. What are the benefits of something like this passing in a busy city like Montreal?

The Institut de Recherche et d'informations Socio- Economique (IRIS) released a report two days ago. The report had supposedly said that making both bus and metro rides on the STM free could save the city some money. It has been reported that free public transit in a city such as Montreal would cost around $620 Million.

A free public transport system seems like a good idea, especially in an urban area like Montreal. Public Transportation can generate some decent revenue but it could cost the taxpayer some more money since the money needs to come from somewhere. However, the cost can go down in the long run if gas operated vehicles are swapped for electric ones.

Some of the benefits of having free public transport in Montreal would be less traffic and less pollution (good for the environment) Students would also benefit greatly from this because they would not have to buy tickets or used cars, or taxis. This would save them money in the end.

By Michael Normandin

5 Underrated Horror Movies for October

Doll photo (pixabay)

 Even if you aren't a horror movie fanatic, around Halloween, something compels most of us to watch a few, and there are always the simple classics- Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream- and although these films are definitely good, there are many hidden gems that we miss out on because we focus on these so much. I'll be mentioning these on the following list, so this year, you'll be able to add a few more films to your personal list of classics.

5. The Babadook An independent film that does justice to the genre, The Babadook not only uses a terrifying monster to manifest tragedy but also manages to develop suspense and fear throughout using psychological horror. It is rare to find a film that blends together monsters with psychological fears as effectively as this one, and I'm not quite sure I've seen any that do it much better, so I definitely recommend it for a particularly unique viewing experience. After suffering through the tragedy of her husband died the night she gave birth to their son, Amelia is struggling through life as a single mom. Her son, Samuel's, constant skittish and violent mannerisms don't help either, as it causes most of her friends to become distant. Amidst all this, Samuel finds a storybook called "The Babadook" hidden in the house, inviting an evil spirit by the same name into their lives. This spirit causes things to go downhill majorly, and although Amelia tries on many occasions to destroy the book (and the monster accompanying it as well), it proves to be futile, and things get increasingly nightmarish for her and her son during the rest of the film.

4. Jeepers Creepers I've met a few people who swear by this movie- I am one of these people, in fact- but I have also met a fair amount of people who haven't seen it at all. If you are one of the latter, then you are missing out, because Jeepers Creepers is one of the freakiest boogeymen you'll ever see on-screen. A creature who commits ritualistic killings, and keeps a pit of modified corpses in the basement of an old church. Unfortunately for Darry and Patricia (Trish) Jenner, two siblings who are driving home after spring break, encounter this horrific lair upon trying to confront a "man" whom they saw nearby, after he almost ran them off the road during their drive, and then was seen dumping something suspicious into a pipe. This "man", however, is no human and is actually a demonic creature known as the Creeper. And, once Darry and Patricia discover his lair, he desperately wants to seek his revenge on them, as well as get a snack out of the whole ordeal.

3. Misery Based on the novel by Stephen King, creator of many nightmares and Halloween traditions, Misery is one of his lesser-known works, and also one of his best. It centers around a well-known author, named Paul Sheldon, who has a car accident in the middle of nowhere, and the fan, Annie Wilkes, who tries to save him. Except, Annie is no typical fanatic. She brings Paul to her small, remote home in the woods, and although her nurse training and healing helps him at first, she later uses it to harm him, after he tells her that he is killing off one of her favorite characters in his next novel. She enslaves him, using his vulnerable state to keep him where she wants him and forces him to rewrite his novel to cater to her wishes.

2. Drag Me To Hell A more modern horror story, this film has its followers, although they're few and far between. It incorporates genuine thrills and terror using the old-fashioned format of surprise, misdirection, and suggestion, which although cliché, works wonders in this case. It revolves around a young girl named Christine Brown, a loan officer at a bank who is dealing with issues most girls from recent generations deal with at some point- competition with a competent work colleague for an assistant manager position, and an iffy status with her boyfriend. An old woman, Mrs.Ganush, begs for a time extension on a loan, which Christine refuses. To take revenge, Mrs.Ganush curses Christine, which will result in her being taken to hell in a few days time. She consults a psychic for help but faces some challenges along the way.

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Although I usually prefer horror films that play on their psychological aspect more than their blood and gore, this is one of my exceptions. Probably because its main antagonist, Leatherface, is loosely based on a real murderer named Ed Gein. Sally Hardesty and her brother, Franklin, travel with their friends, Jerry, Kirk, and Pam, to visit the grave of the Hardestys' grandfather to investigate reports of vandalism and grave robbing. On their way, they pick up a hitchhiker, who they end up forcing out later on due to his behavior suddenly turning psychotic. After running out of gas, they cannot find anywhere to refuel, until they come across a small country house. It is here where the brutal killing spree begins, and the bloodbath continues until the end of the film. As I said, it may sound like a typical slasher cliché, but the fact that many of Leatherface's mannerisms and horrifying lust for death mirror that of real murderer and grave robber Ed Gein adds more dimension and intensity to the film.

By Jade Sherry

Bitcoin Hits Back At $5,100 CAD After Drop In Price

Bitcoin news (pixabay)

Bitcoin has fluctuated in price for a little while. It has hit record-breaking numbers that have made a lot of people very happy with the return result. However, it has also caused a lot of people to lose money because of outside factors that have caused the price to dip. Bitcoin recovered and is now back in the five thousand dollar range where it is in its best days.

Bitcoin recovered from its recent drop to around $4,300 CAD after the Chinese government reportedly started shutting down Bitcoin exchanges. That caused the price to drop a little bit and caused some people to sell their amount in Bitcoin because of sheer fear.

You can read our article on China reportedly shutting down Bitcoin exchanges here

With any investment, people can gain money and lose money, with cryptocurrency that's simply even more truthful than before. When Bitcoin jumped up in price it caused a lot of people to get more money because it was worth more. However, when it dropped a little bit, people who had purchased their share of the coin ended up losing money. The reason that they lost money is quite simply put, they bought at the wrong time.

Bitcoin managed to start hitting record-breaking numbers around August of 2017 and continued to grow slowly into September until China was rumored to be shutting down Bitcoin exchanges.

Once again Bitcoin managed to recover from the price drop because of continued support from companies, nations, and of course the community of miners, traders, and investors. There is also the day to day growth of knowledge that may have contributed to the price recovering since more people learn about it, more people want their share of the digital gold rush.

Overall Bitcoin has recovered and it's beneficial to a lot of people because they may not feel that their investment has gone down the drain, or that they may have just made some decent capital that they can use to pay rent or anything else for that matter.

By Michael Normandin

The Many Types Of Internet Scams And How They Work

Photo of keyboard and mouse (pixabay)

Internet Scams- A Complex Work of Deception. Have you ever received a sketchy looking e-mail from a supposed "Arabian Prince?" Possibly, if you were present during the early days of the internet. However, it's much less common today- many scammers have more convincing and sneaky ways of luring in their victims nowadays, that sometimes aren't so obvious to detect.

"Phishing", for instance, is a much more elaborate hoax, where you are led to a site via e-mail that resembles an official website. Normally, the e-mail will be disguised as a "security alert" or an "Identity Confirmation" for a common website, such as MasterCard or Facebook. However, if you click the link provided in the e-mail, rather than being led to the actual site, you will be led to a fake one that greatly resembles the official one. Some people will simply type in their information, convinced that it is a legitimate site, and as a result, their confidential information will be divulged. While it can be irritating for social media users, as getting your account hacked is definitely irritating, but it is a huge issue for credit card users and those who do their banking online, for obvious reasons.

In fact, that is the main goal of many scammers- not just trolling to bother people, but to steal money, and another way of doing this is targeting people's generosity. For instance, e-mails that beg for donations to help a community with a disaster, or disaster relief scams, are usually phishing attempts. To follow the link provided in the e-mail and give your banking or credit card information would not be a good idea, considering rather than donating to a community
that needs help, you would just be donating to a clever con artist.

The best idea is to contact the recognized charitable organization directly by phone or their website. Although chain e-mails or messages are also obvious scams, many of which claim that something will happen to you if you don't pass it on to a certain number of other contacts, that doesn't mean some can't be harmful.

A classic e-mail scam works similarly to these: you receive an email with a list of names and you are asked to send 5 dollars (or so) by mail to the person whose name is at the top of the list, add your own name to the bottom, and forward the updated list to a number of other people. It works as a sort of gambling pool, as by the time it gets to your name on the list, much more money will have been pooled in for you to receive. Although it used to circulate through snail mail, it has made the leap to the digital world, and both versions of this scam are very illegal- should you choose to participate, you risk being charged with fraud.

There are hundreds of other clever schemes on the internet, some of which are easy to detect, others which are very convincing. Be cautious online, and do your research before investing your time or money into anything.

By Jade Sherry

China Limits Oil Supply To North Korea

Kim Il Sung square (pixabay)

The Chinese government has limited the oil supply that they give to North Korea. China is also said to be stopping the purchase of North Korea's textiles, this is likely due to the United Nation's sanctions that were recently imposed. This is bad news for North Korea because they have very high tensions with the United States at the moment.

The United Nations has recently imposed sanctions on the nation of North Korea because of their continued advancements in nuclear weapons over the years.  North Korea also fired a missile over Japan causing international calls for Kim Jong UN (the leader of North Korea) to stop the development programs. However, it does not seem as if Kim Jong Un wants to stop anytime soon.

China has said that North Korea will be limited to two million barrels of oil per year. This covers refined petroleum and is going to be coming into effect on January 1st. North Korea is also dependent on Chinese oil imports. Some estimations are low and this leaves many people wondering how deeply this limitation can really affect the regime.

There's also the fact that China is stopping textile imports from the north. This is a large part of the North Korean exports and the reason its such large economic blow against the regime is because China is one of the largest traders with North Korea. It has been reported that China accounts for around 90% of all North Korean trade.

China has attempted to be patient with Kim Jong Un and North Korea however within the past few months they have seen several launches and many threats between the United States and North Korea. The Chinese government has said that they have experienced increased frustrations with the North Korean government.

By Michael Normandin

Body Of Murdered Man Found

The suspect in last week's Amber Alert, Ugo Fredette, who has also been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his partner, will be relocated to a Quebec hospital today.

The body of Missing Man Found, Directly Connected to Amber Alert Case The body of 71-year-old Yvon Lacasse was discovered near the town of Arundel today by Quebec provincial police, after being missing for 5 days.

Although it hasn't been confirmed by coroners, it has been stated that there is a copious amount of evidence suggesting it is the body of Lacasse.

The body was found around 5:30 p.m. while an officer was searching around a wooded area along Chemin de la Rouge, a road that is right next to the Rouge River in Arundel. This location is of particular interest, due to the fact that Chemin de la Rouge and Highway 327 is a secondary road that connects Lachute and Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians. Close to the area where the vehicle was driven by Ugo Fredette, the child's abductor was found abandoned during the September 15th Amber Alert manhunt.

 The child's name is currently undisclosed, due to the fact that he is under the care of child protective services, but Ugo Fredette was his father, who had separated from his former wife, the child's mother, a possible motive.

 To add to the already chaotic story, the child's mother was found dead in her home the day of her son's kidnapping. It isn't too surprising that the police instantly suspected Fredette, and they were correct to do so- Ugo Fredette is definitely capable of murder, as it has been confirmed by the discovery of Lacasse's body.

 All evidence points towards Fredette as being the murderer, the location is the most obvious, and also the fact that Fredette was driving Lacasse's Honda CR-V at the time of his arrest. According to Ontario Provincial Police, Fredette is still in an Ottawa hospital.

 He was scheduled to appear in a Saint-Jérôme court today but Superior Court Justice Martin Castonguay rescheduled the hearing until next Wednesday, so professionals can adequately evaluate Fredette's mental and physical health before the trial. He was supposed to undergo various tests but was too agitated to comply, and so medical professionals put him to sleep. When all the medical tests were completed, however, they couldn't wake him up, and he was confirmed to be in a coma. Although he awoke today, they saw him as unfit to attend the hearing at court, understandably. Hopefully, we will get more updates on Wednesday of next week, when his official hearing is set to take place.

By Jade Sherry

HSB High School Gets New Option Course For Students

Photo of HSB front doors (Michael Normandin/vanguardnews)

Howard S Billings High School has now created a new option course for its students in grade ten and eleven. Some teachers feel it's a little too late for the course to be opened up since the year has already started. The students seem to want the course and it gives a new sense of change for the options courses available. The course offers several different options for students to learn about. The course is also going to give the teenagers a tiny sense of what it is like to attend a political science course.

This is going down after a few weeks of students and teachers hearing rumors about a new option course that's being developed. Many students were extremely curious as to what the course may be. Some felt that it should be an extra English class or something else that they can have a great time in.

Some teachers felt that it's odd for a new course to be opened up after the year had started. It's something that's unusual but it seems to be something that's useful for the students. Many students have already made their decision but some students are more than willing to change their schedules because they want something new.

The course selection usually happens around May and it's said that students who hand in their paperwork first will have the benefit of that "first come first serve" basis that many of us are more than familiar with.

Last year course selection had several great courses such as Home Economics, College Prep, Journalism, and even Computers. The new course that has been added is Global Issues.

While students had many choices to choose from before this course was introduced, it will certainly give them another option to think heavily about. Students had the above options and even more before this course came out. This will give them another option to learn even more about the world that goes on around them.

Global Issues seems rather simple from just the name. Students might go over topics such as poverty and political/social issues. Global Issues can even cover immigration and overall migration.  The first start date of the course is supposed to be tomorrow.

A Global Issues course can give students a small taste of the political science course that post-secondary students sometimes take. Political science is the branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior. Global issues would, of course, fall under that area. It would give students in High School the idea of what this course is about and how it can benefit them in their everyday life. Political science is also mentioned to be a rather difficult course and Global Issues can probably show students why it might be difficult to take a political science course.

By Michael Normandin

British Police Arrest Man In Connection With Subway Attack

Forensic investigators on the Parsons Green station platform after the explosion. Credit Pool photo by BBC Broadcast

British police have arrested a man who is said to be connected to the recent subway attack. In that subway attack that happened just one day before his arrest twenty-nine people ended up being injured.

The suspect is being held under the Terrorism Act and is going to be questioned by authorities. Officers located him near a port that's supposedly right by the English Channel. It's not known if he was trying to flee the nation or if he was just trying to hide out in that particular area.

The explosive device used was apparently put inside a shopping bag then inside of a bucket. This means that there was a timer on it. It's being said that it could have very easily been a simple timer on the explosive device.

The threat level has also been increased. The result of the increase means that another attack can happen and that security, especially in London, has been increased. The threat level is reported to be at critical.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner said: “Again we saw a quick response from all the emergency services and transport staff. Since then, we have had teams of detectives and specialists working through the night on the investigation and officers throughout London mobilizing and providing an increased visible police presence – especially in crowded places.”

It has been reported that the investigators had images of at least one suspect from closed-circuit television.

This is also not the first time that a terrible attack has happened in the UK. In recent times attacks seems to be happening far more often.

In June attackers murdered and injured several people by using a van as a weapon. They drove into a crowded area of people. They also reportedly ran around with knives stabbing people.

You can read our article on that here

Another incident happened in March. Several people, as well as a police officer, had died because of an attack. In that situation, a car was also used.

You can read our article on that here

By Michael Normandin

Amber Alert Updated For Quebec Child

Squad Car (Pixabay)

Saint-Eustache Child the Victim of Kidnapping Yesterday evening, on September 14th, 2017, an Amber alert was issued for a 6-year-old boy, named Louka Fredette, who had gone missing.

Authorities believed his father, 41-year-old Ugo Fredette, was the abductor, and that he had been driving a white Ford F250 pickup truck. Along with this, a dead woman had been discovered in a residence on Antoine-Seguin Blvd. in St.Eustache, and her death was directly linked to the case. The 41-year-old woman, named Veronique Barbe, had photos of herself with Louka and Ugo on her Facebook page, and her relationship status on the site stated specifically that she was in a relationship with Ugo Fredette, although sources say they had separated recently. Fredette's Facebook page also credited himself as a filmmaker, who had collaborated on films about unsolved crimes and kidnappings.

His most recent film project is about Cèdrika Provencher, a 9-year-old Quebec girl who had been missing from 2007 up until 2015 when her remains were found.

Around approximately 2 AM this morning, Fredette's pickup truck was noticed by a passerby at the junction of Highways 329 and 158 in Lachute, Quebec, abandoned. The intersection, being the site of a rest stop, also had an Ultramar gas station situated in the area, and investigators confirmed that they would be checking any security cameras to try and find evidence regarding Louka. Luckily, Louka was found earlier today, perfectly safe.

Ontario Provincial Police arrested Fredette after he and Louka were found near Griffith Ont., around 75 kilometers east of Bancroft, in a Honda CR-V.

Police aren't finished with this case quite yet, however, as now they are trying to find Yvon Lacasse, a 71-year-old male Lachute resident who is said to be connected to the SUV Fredette was driving at the time of his arrest.

This case could have ended in a much worse manner- the Quebec community could have lost a young child who still had so much potential, but the efforts of many aided in his return home. However, he will have no mother after this traumatic event, and his father will likely end up imprisoned. We can only hope for the best for Louka and will stay tuned for any updates on his case.

By Jade Sherry

Amazon Tribe Members Allegedly Massacred

Burned down communal houses of uncontacted native. (Survival International, December 2016)

Amazon tribe members who were uncontacted from civilization has apparently been massacred by gold miners. It's being investigated by the Federal prosecutors in Brazil. This was done in a remote part of the Brazilian Amazon.

The deaths of the natives were apparently bragged about by the gold miners. This is said to have taken place along the River Jandiatuba, in western Brazil. This is said to have happened one month ago. Apparently, more than ten members of this uncontacted tribe were massacred.

FUNAI (National Indian Foundation) mentioned that the area that's under investigation is around Jutaí and Jandiatuba rivers.

FUNAI said: “To date, no material evidence has been found to substantiate the alleged massacre, so it is not possible to confirm the veracity of the deaths,”

The miners that were allegedly talking about the massacre were reportedly arrested and had apparently questioned.

If this is proven to have actually happened it will be terrible and it would be listed as another time when a minority was assaulted by a majority.  If the massacre is true, then it shows that there are some threats to these uncontacted tribes.

It's estimated that there are around 100 uncontacted tribes in the world and a good portion of those are in the Amazon.

By Michael Normandin

China's Rumored To Be Shutting Down Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin  (Pixabay)

While China may be a huge portion of the cryptocurrency market, the Chinese government seems to be on the side of shutting down exchanges. This happening despite China being an area for large crypto mining operations. This news has caused the price of Bitcoin to go down, which means it might be a good time to buy if you think it will go back up.

This is another attempt at control by the Chinese government as they may perceive the crypto coin as a threat. The Chinese exchanges are said to make up 45% of the global market share.

OkCoin is one of the exchanges that is rumored to be shutting down. They released a statement on the situation.

 “‘Til now we haven't informed by any authorities about closing BTC exchanges, if that happens we will show notifications on our website in no time. Even if that 's the case, we would be running offline trading for users, and your balance of coins in your account will be absolutely safe.”

However, some people feel these are just rumors and none of this is happening or at least it's not as bad as some are making it seem. People will often exaggerate things when they think the worse is going to happen. The rumors do unfortunately have a negative effect on the price of crypto coins. Bitcoin is a leader and when the price of that goes down it can sometimes affect the price of other popular coins. Many people don't feel that this news is real and the rumors are simply fake and have been shot around to cause fear or something wild like that.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is still holding strong with it being around $5,122.40 CAD. That price can go up or down depending on what goes on in the future.

By Michael Normandin

China Looking Into Banning Petrol And Diesel Cars

Cars in Asia (Pixabay)

While the Chinese government has tried to ban things before such as Bitcoin, internet sites and more. This shows that the banning of petrol and diesel vehicles can reduce the CO2 in the area, which will, in turn, be better for the overall environment.

The nation has begun researching the topic, however, we don't know when the ban will come into full effect.

While China is one of the world's largest producers of CO2 banning cars might actually help reduce their amount a little bit. If it goes through many environmentalists will be more than happy to hear of the reductions that can come from it.

Xin Guobin, who is China's  vice industry minister said: "Those measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry's development,"

What China essentially wants is electric vehicles to account for 1/5 of its vehicles sales by 2025.

It is said that this would require 8% of automakers' sales to be of electric cars.  That number would supposedly rise 12% in 2020.

Oil demand will also go down because it will not be as much of a necessity for anyone with a car.

China is right behind the United States in oil demand at the moment. While the United States consumed 19,396,000 BBL/day (barrels per day) China consumed 11,968,000 BBL/day in 2015.

This is very similar to a purchase ban. If this goes through, China might not allow for the sale of petrol or diesel cars, thus making people buy electric instead. It's a move in the right direction but can it be bad for the Chinese government and people?

By Michael Normandin

Earthquake In Mexico, At least 60 People Dead

Men work near a damaged wall and a vehicle after an earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico September 8, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

Mexico has been hit by a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake. The quake has left around 60 people dead and has managed to topple houses.

This particular earthquake hit Mexico just off the southern Pacific coast.

Unfortunately, it has been said that around one million people have been left without electricity. This has caused several issues with hospitals. If power is cut in a hospital and it doesn't go back on shortly, people can end up dying because of the lack of electricity.  However, it must be dearly noted that it is being said that power had been restored to 800,000 people.

20 aftershocks are also a possibility for the region. Apparently, the aftershocks might be around a 4.0 magnitude

The Mexican  president, Enrique Peña Nieto, said on the social media platform known as Twitter

 “Sadly, there are reports that people have died. My deepest condolences to their families.”

Most deaths were in neighborhoods around the epicenter of the earthquake. In Oaxaca, the death toll was around 45 people, In Chiapas, it was 12, and three people died in Tobasco.

The capital of Mexico called Mexico City is said to have had people run out of their homes in their pajamas during the quake.

Earthquakes happen commonly around the world but usually, they're small magnitudes. Whenever a large magnitude earthquake hits anywhere it always leaves damage in more than one place. Even with buildings that can sustain and manage to hold their weight against a powerful earthquake, most buildings can't hold against an 8.1 magnitude earthquake like the one in Mexico.

It has been reported that the Mexico City airport has even had windows break from the quake.

By Michael Normandin

Hurricane Irma Causing A lot Of Issues In Peurto Rico

Hurricane photo, (Pixabay)

The nation of Peurto Rico has seen bad damage with the historic storm that is having some people fearful because of the sheer size and force of this hurricane. The storm has winds that are reported to be 185 mph. The storm might end up hitting Florida, and people have been preparing for it.

The wicked storm has caused issues regarding infrastructure and power. It is being said that some areas where the storm might pass through might leave people without power for almost six months. It's also reported that power outages are already happening for areas that are ahead of the storm.  Apparently, 285,000 homes are without power. This issue has even carried off to water where some people can't get access to it because of the fierce storm.

The U.S. National Weather Service apparently said that the nation had not seen a storm like Irma since 1928. That hurricane was called San Felipe and took around 2,748 lives.

The United States President Trump has approved an emergency declaration for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This basically means that FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency) can get started on helping people out in the areas affected by the storm. FEMA is also well known for aiding areas that are badly affected by natural disasters. This also means that the U.S will likely be the ones paying for this aid in those regions.

Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Florida by the end of this week.

Brian McNoldy, who is a hurricane researcher at the  University of Miami said:“This could easily be the most costly storm in U.S. history, which is saying a lot considering what just happens two weeks ago,”

When a storm like this is expected to hit where people live it causes some to think what they should do. There are evacuation recommendations for some areas because it might be so bad that they need to leave their homes and items because it's too dangerous to stay.

Citizens who live in the U.S and were visiting regions where the hurricane is expected to hit and has hit are extremely worried. Some visitors have their homes in Florida and are trying to get home.  However, many flights in the regions have been canceled or have already left, leaving some individuals without an immediate clear option for them to get home.

By Michael Normandin

Upcoming Warm And Cold Weather In Montreal

Photo of abandoned train tracks (Michael Normandin vanguardnews)

Is it Already Autumn? The leaves are changing from lush shades of green to warm tones of reds and yellows, sweaters and scarves are selling in stores everywhere, and the air is chillier than ever.

While in past years, the first weeks of September have typically been summery and similar to August, the past few days in Montreal have been very different.

It almost feels like early October, as if the Autumnal Equinox has already passed, even though the official date is September 22nd. However, according to, the upcoming week is supposed to be warmer, ranging from highs of 20-23 degrees. The low night temperatures are where we see autumn creeping in, as the upcoming week has lows ranging from 8-13 degrees.

As for general weather, the sky will be shrouded in clouds throughout the next seven days, with showers. Not a week looking forward to, especially for students who are just getting back into the feel of a school schedule. Make sure to have a few sweaters or jackets on hand, as well as some warm drinks and an umbrella. While the afternoons may be warm, the mornings and evenings will be cold.

By Jade Sherry

Japan's Princess Announces Engagement

Princess Mako, the elder daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko, will forsake her royalty to marry fiancé Kei Komuro, a commoner she met at International Christian University in Tokyo. (Shizuo Kambayashi/REUTERS)

Japan's Princess has announced her engagement. She is apparently engaged to a non-royal. She has also had the Emperor's approval. Her name is Mako Naishinnō, she is widely known in the world as simply Princess Mako.

This marriage will make her lose her royal status, under a Japanese law that states that if a female royal marries a commoner then she loses her royal status. However, the law reportedly does not carry over for male royal members.

The romance is with Kei Komuro and the Princess said she was attracted to Komuro's  "smile like the sun".

The Princess also reportedly said: "I've been aware since my childhood that I would lose royal status once I married,"

"While I've worked to help the emperor and fulfill duties as a royal family member as much as I can, I've been cherishing my own life." She said.

She met Kei Komuro while they were studying at the same university five years ago. Kei Komuro is apparently a 25-year-old law firm employee. He described Princess Mako as someone who watched over him "like the moon".

The Princess is also 25 years old. She's the daughter of  Prince Fumihito. Princess Mako

This was reported in May by Japanese news sources, it was confirmed recently when the announcement was made by Japan's Imperial Household Agency.

This announcement has certainly made a lot of people happy. It's not often that you hear news like this. It's always something to get people from pretty much everywhere excited to follow.

By Michael Normandin

Criminals That Were Inspired By Fiction

Girl in woods photos. (Pixabay)

When Reality is Stranger- and Scarier- Than Fiction. Dexter, Sherlock, Making a Murderer- we eat these stories up. Stories about gruesome murder and crime. Possibly because despite how disturbing the acts depicted in these series actually are, we can't help but marvel at the clever and demented minds of the culprits, as well as the people who capture them. However, the obsession with these characters and their stories can sometimes inspire others in the worst ways possible. The following are a few times when people were influenced, or blatantly copied, the crimes of fictional characters.

The "Manga Murder Case", which occurred in Belgium, is one of these instances. On September 28th, 2007, two hikers found a human torso and two thighs In Duden Park, in the city of Saint-Gilles. Police later discovered, with research, that the Caucasian man was killed several days earlier. The one thing found on the crime scene was a note, written on two pieces of paper. It read: "WATASHI WA KIRA DESS" This is a misspelled Japanese phrase, which can be translated to "I am Kira". Kira is an alias used by the main protagonist of the popular manga and anime series "Death Note", in which the protagonist, Light Yagami, murders people by writing their names in a notebook (the Death Note). Three years later, in 2010, four suspects were discovered, and in 2013 and 2016 they were convicted and sent to prison.

In 2014, another series was dominating the media, a series called Dexter. It had a unique premise that drew everyone in, and while it is still popular today, between 2006 and 2013, it had an even larger following. In 2010, one of its devoted fans- a little too devoted, apparently- named Andrew Conley felt that he could relate to Dexter Morgan, the titular protagonist of the show, as he had been fantasizing about murdering someone since the eighth grade. He strangled his ten-year-old brother, Conner Conley, to death when he was seventeen, saying he wanted to know what it felt like to kill. A few weeks prior to his murder, he claimed that he admired Dexter, and told his girlfriend at the time that he wanted to be just like him. Immediately after the murder, he drove to his girlfriend's home and gave her a promise ring, while Conner's corpse was stuffed into the trunk of his vehicle. He acted like nothing was amiss during the five-day sentencing hearing as well, interacting with his mother like he always had before. Despite debate and controversy due to his minor age status, the US Supreme Court upheld a life sentence of life without parole for the teen.

One of the best-known crimes inspired by fiction was the tragedy in Colorado, where a man shot up a theater screening "The Dark Night" after loudly proclaiming that he was the Joker. However, that wasn't the only crime inspired by the ground-breaking film. A lesser known crime involved a Wisconsin man, who broke into his cousin's home and assaulted him while dressed as Joker. His motive was his suspicion that his cousin had sexual relations with his ex-girlfriend and the fact that it was confirmed when he caught them in bed together. And it doesn't end there- The Joker inspired many mentally disturbed people, apparently. In 2009, a female student in an Indiana High School attempted to assault a teacher with a razor blade after going to the washroom and applying the Joker's signature makeup and using the said blade to cut her mouth into a permanent smile. I could go on for so much longer about criminals who were inspired by fiction, so perhaps this entry will get a part two. Remember, sometimes fact is stranger and much scarier- than fiction.

By Jade Sherry

Odd Radio Bursts From Deep Space Recorded By Astronomers

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Several weird and curiosity striking radio bursts from space were detected. These are a mystery at the moment. The astronomers who ended up finding these signals were searching for signs of intelligent life. The astronomers found 15 radio signals coming from a dwarf galaxy around 3 billion light years away. The signals were detected by a team at the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. They're apparently part of the Breakthrough Listen project.

The FRBs (Far Radio Bursts) are extremely short signals that last for around milliseconds. The source, as with most things that come from deep space is currently unknown. It's also unlikely to be an alien civilization's message to humanity. It apparently came from  FRB 121102, which is said to be from a galaxy.

There's a lot of wild theories for where they're coming from. Some of which range from it being a supernova star or stars with large magnetic fields. Other theories state that it's aliens contacting us or looking for intelligent life themselves. However, right now we don't know where these signals are coming from.

Dr. Vishal Gajjar, from UC Berkeley Research Centre, said: “We really have no idea about where they come from. We currently know of 30 to exist and only one is known to repeat, which means we can look at it again and again.

“There are more theories than the number of sources. As we do more study, we find more weird things.”

“If some form of life would like to produce a signal that is detectable to another civilization, this could be a way to do it, but I don’t think they are coming from intelligent civilizations.

This has certainly caused some people to sit in bed at night and wonder what's out there. A signal received from so far away is very mysterious and causes many people to just sit and wonder.

By Michael Normandin

New Course For Quebec High School Students

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Back To School- New Curriculum Change in Quebec By now, it can be presumed that every school in Quebec has officially opened its doors for the 2017 academic year, welcoming hordes of new students of all ages. However, in high schools, a few changes have been made to the curriculum, making the upcoming year a particularly interesting one. For one, a brand new class was introduced to grade eleven students, one that is supposed to help them learn how to enter the workforce, manage a budget, and have a better understanding of finances and economics in general.

"It's very, very tough for a youth growing up today to make wise decisions," said Brian Smith, vice-president for the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. He couldn't be more correct, either- many people complained after the course was eliminated in 2009, the majority being students themselves, claiming that school wasn't teaching the youth about things that really matter in adult life, such as finances and obtaining jobs, but we're teaching them Algebra and other concepts that don't seem as important in our modern world.

Although the textbooks aren't finished for the courses, and certain adjustments must be made to schedules, people seem generally pleased with the resurgence of a considerably important course. However, teachers do not particularly seem pleased about the inconvenient textbook situation, as they aren't even completed yet. In fact, chapter one was only sent into schools on Wednesdays. Because of this issue, many teachers feel confused as to how they should start teaching the course without a complete textbook prepared. Many people in the community appear to be glad that students will be leaving high school with a good understanding of Quebec's economics, it has been argued by The Federation Autonome de L’enseigment (FAE) that the government integrated the course with questionable intent, wanting to make students into “good consumers” rather than “enlightened citizens.” They also claimed that, due to poor planning, the teachers were not properly trained to teach this course.

The content of the course has also been fairly controversial. Representatives of teachers unions argue that the course doesn't encourage critical thinking about Capitalism and the global financial industry as a whole. However, according to Alessandra Furfaro, the EMSB's director of education and technology services, teachers received training at a workshop in June. "We believe that the teachers are prepared as best as possible for the beginning of the school year," she said with confidence. The majority of the general public also seem to have high expectations for the course, despite its slow start. What is your opinion, about the changes? Is the government genuinely trying to help the youth of Quebec, or are they brainwashing them?

By Jade Sherry