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China Looking Into Banning Petrol And Diesel Cars

Cars in Asia (Pixabay)

While the Chinese government has tried to ban things before such as Bitcoin, internet sites and more. This shows that the banning of petrol and diesel vehicles can reduce the CO2 in the area, which will, in turn, be better for the overall environment.

The nation has begun researching the topic, however, we don't know when the ban will come into full effect.

While China is one of the world's largest producers of CO2 banning cars might actually help reduce their amount a little bit. If it goes through many environmentalists will be more than happy to hear of the reductions that can come from it.

Xin Guobin, who is China's  vice industry minister said: "Those measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry's development,"

What China essentially wants is electric vehicles to account for 1/5 of its vehicles sales by 2025.

It is said that this would require 8% of automakers' sales to be of electric cars.  That number would supposedly rise 12% in 2020.

Oil demand will also go down because it will not be as much of a necessity for anyone with a car.

China is right behind the United States in oil demand at the moment. While the United States consumed 19,396,000 BBL/day (barrels per day) China consumed 11,968,000 BBL/day in 2015.

This is very similar to a purchase ban. If this goes through, China might not allow for the sale of petrol or diesel cars, thus making people buy electric instead. It's a move in the right direction but can it be bad for the Chinese government and people?

By Michael Normandin

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