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HSB High School Gets New Option Course For Students

Photo of HSB front doors (Michael Normandin/vanguardnews)

Howard S Billings High School has now created a new option course for its students in grade ten and eleven. Some teachers feel it's a little too late for the course to be opened up since the year has already started. The students seem to want the course and it gives a new sense of change for the options courses available. The course offers several different options for students to learn about. The course is also going to give the teenagers a tiny sense of what it is like to attend a political science course.

This is going down after a few weeks of students and teachers hearing rumors about a new option course that's being developed. Many students were extremely curious as to what the course may be. Some felt that it should be an extra English class or something else that they can have a great time in.

Some teachers felt that it's odd for a new course to be opened up after the year had started. It's something that's unusual but it seems to be something that's useful for the students. Many students have already made their decision but some students are more than willing to change their schedules because they want something new.

The course selection usually happens around May and it's said that students who hand in their paperwork first will have the benefit of that "first come first serve" basis that many of us are more than familiar with.

Last year course selection had several great courses such as Home Economics, College Prep, Journalism, and even Computers. The new course that has been added is Global Issues.

While students had many choices to choose from before this course was introduced, it will certainly give them another option to think heavily about. Students had the above options and even more before this course came out. This will give them another option to learn even more about the world that goes on around them.

Global Issues seems rather simple from just the name. Students might go over topics such as poverty and political/social issues. Global Issues can even cover immigration and overall migration.  The first start date of the course is supposed to be tomorrow.

A Global Issues course can give students a small taste of the political science course that post-secondary students sometimes take. Political science is the branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior. Global issues would, of course, fall under that area. It would give students in High School the idea of what this course is about and how it can benefit them in their everyday life. Political science is also mentioned to be a rather difficult course and Global Issues can probably show students why it might be difficult to take a political science course.

By Michael Normandin

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