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Hurricane Irma Causing A lot Of Issues In Peurto Rico

Hurricane photo, (Pixabay)

The nation of Peurto Rico has seen bad damage with the historic storm that is having some people fearful because of the sheer size and force of this hurricane. The storm has winds that are reported to be 185 mph. The storm might end up hitting Florida, and people have been preparing for it.

The wicked storm has caused issues regarding infrastructure and power. It is being said that some areas where the storm might pass through might leave people without power for almost six months. It's also reported that power outages are already happening for areas that are ahead of the storm.  Apparently, 285,000 homes are without power. This issue has even carried off to water where some people can't get access to it because of the fierce storm.

The U.S. National Weather Service apparently said that the nation had not seen a storm like Irma since 1928. That hurricane was called San Felipe and took around 2,748 lives.

The United States President Trump has approved an emergency declaration for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This basically means that FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency) can get started on helping people out in the areas affected by the storm. FEMA is also well known for aiding areas that are badly affected by natural disasters. This also means that the U.S will likely be the ones paying for this aid in those regions.

Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Florida by the end of this week.

Brian McNoldy, who is a hurricane researcher at the  University of Miami said:“This could easily be the most costly storm in U.S. history, which is saying a lot considering what just happens two weeks ago,”

When a storm like this is expected to hit where people live it causes some to think what they should do. There are evacuation recommendations for some areas because it might be so bad that they need to leave their homes and items because it's too dangerous to stay.

Citizens who live in the U.S and were visiting regions where the hurricane is expected to hit and has hit are extremely worried. Some visitors have their homes in Florida and are trying to get home.  However, many flights in the regions have been canceled or have already left, leaving some individuals without an immediate clear option for them to get home.

By Michael Normandin

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