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Montreal Transport Services Should Be Free Experts Reportedly Say

Photo of city and bus (pixabay)

Experts have recently expressed that they feel it is necessary for the public transport sector in Montreal to be free. The idea to have it turn free was done after a study was conducted in Montreal. There's also a cost that needs to be examined if this was to go through. What are the benefits of something like this passing in a busy city like Montreal?

The Institut de Recherche et d'informations Socio- Economique (IRIS) released a report two days ago. The report had supposedly said that making both bus and metro rides on the STM free could save the city some money. It has been reported that free public transit in a city such as Montreal would cost around $620 Million.

A free public transport system seems like a good idea, especially in an urban area like Montreal. Public Transportation can generate some decent revenue but it could cost the taxpayer some more money since the money needs to come from somewhere. However, the cost can go down in the long run if gas operated vehicles are swapped for electric ones.

Some of the benefits of having free public transport in Montreal would be less traffic and less pollution (good for the environment) Students would also benefit greatly from this because they would not have to buy tickets or used cars, or taxis. This would save them money in the end.

By Michael Normandin

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