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New Course For Quebec High School Students

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Back To School- New Curriculum Change in Quebec By now, it can be presumed that every school in Quebec has officially opened its doors for the 2017 academic year, welcoming hordes of new students of all ages. However, in high schools, a few changes have been made to the curriculum, making the upcoming year a particularly interesting one. For one, a brand new class was introduced to grade eleven students, one that is supposed to help them learn how to enter the workforce, manage a budget, and have a better understanding of finances and economics in general.

"It's very, very tough for a youth growing up today to make wise decisions," said Brian Smith, vice-president for the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. He couldn't be more correct, either- many people complained after the course was eliminated in 2009, the majority being students themselves, claiming that school wasn't teaching the youth about things that really matter in adult life, such as finances and obtaining jobs, but we're teaching them Algebra and other concepts that don't seem as important in our modern world.

Although the textbooks aren't finished for the courses, and certain adjustments must be made to schedules, people seem generally pleased with the resurgence of a considerably important course. However, teachers do not particularly seem pleased about the inconvenient textbook situation, as they aren't even completed yet. In fact, chapter one was only sent into schools on Wednesdays. Because of this issue, many teachers feel confused as to how they should start teaching the course without a complete textbook prepared. Many people in the community appear to be glad that students will be leaving high school with a good understanding of Quebec's economics, it has been argued by The Federation Autonome de L’enseigment (FAE) that the government integrated the course with questionable intent, wanting to make students into “good consumers” rather than “enlightened citizens.” They also claimed that, due to poor planning, the teachers were not properly trained to teach this course.

The content of the course has also been fairly controversial. Representatives of teachers unions argue that the course doesn't encourage critical thinking about Capitalism and the global financial industry as a whole. However, according to Alessandra Furfaro, the EMSB's director of education and technology services, teachers received training at a workshop in June. "We believe that the teachers are prepared as best as possible for the beginning of the school year," she said with confidence. The majority of the general public also seem to have high expectations for the course, despite its slow start. What is your opinion, about the changes? Is the government genuinely trying to help the youth of Quebec, or are they brainwashing them?

By Jade Sherry

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