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Odd Radio Bursts From Deep Space Recorded By Astronomers

Radio Telescope (Pixabay)

Several weird and curiosity striking radio bursts from space were detected. These are a mystery at the moment. The astronomers who ended up finding these signals were searching for signs of intelligent life. The astronomers found 15 radio signals coming from a dwarf galaxy around 3 billion light years away. The signals were detected by a team at the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. They're apparently part of the Breakthrough Listen project.

The FRBs (Far Radio Bursts) are extremely short signals that last for around milliseconds. The source, as with most things that come from deep space is currently unknown. It's also unlikely to be an alien civilization's message to humanity. It apparently came from  FRB 121102, which is said to be from a galaxy.

There's a lot of wild theories for where they're coming from. Some of which range from it being a supernova star or stars with large magnetic fields. Other theories state that it's aliens contacting us or looking for intelligent life themselves. However, right now we don't know where these signals are coming from.

Dr. Vishal Gajjar, from UC Berkeley Research Centre, said: “We really have no idea about where they come from. We currently know of 30 to exist and only one is known to repeat, which means we can look at it again and again.

“There are more theories than the number of sources. As we do more study, we find more weird things.”

“If some form of life would like to produce a signal that is detectable to another civilization, this could be a way to do it, but I don’t think they are coming from intelligent civilizations.

This has certainly caused some people to sit in bed at night and wonder what's out there. A signal received from so far away is very mysterious and causes many people to just sit and wonder.

By Michael Normandin

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