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Upcoming Warm And Cold Weather In Montreal

Photo of abandoned train tracks (Michael Normandin vanguardnews)

Is it Already Autumn? The leaves are changing from lush shades of green to warm tones of reds and yellows, sweaters and scarves are selling in stores everywhere, and the air is chillier than ever.

While in past years, the first weeks of September have typically been summery and similar to August, the past few days in Montreal have been very different.

It almost feels like early October, as if the Autumnal Equinox has already passed, even though the official date is September 22nd. However, according to, the upcoming week is supposed to be warmer, ranging from highs of 20-23 degrees. The low night temperatures are where we see autumn creeping in, as the upcoming week has lows ranging from 8-13 degrees.

As for general weather, the sky will be shrouded in clouds throughout the next seven days, with showers. Not a week looking forward to, especially for students who are just getting back into the feel of a school schedule. Make sure to have a few sweaters or jackets on hand, as well as some warm drinks and an umbrella. While the afternoons may be warm, the mornings and evenings will be cold.

By Jade Sherry

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