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Marilyn Manson Injured After Stage Props Fall

Marilyn Manson's representative said Saturday that the singer was injured in a mishap on stage during a New York City performance and taken to a hospital. (Owen Sweeney/The Associated Press)

Marilyn Manson injured after stage props fall during his most recent concert in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom, shock rocker Marilyn Manson, 48, was injured by a large stage prop during his performance of his hit cover song, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, and although it is not yet known how severe his injuries are, he appeared to have injured his leg specifically and was clearly in pain after the onstage accident.

According to witnesses, he pulled the stage prop, which depicted 2 large guns, down when he climbed onto it. One of the many people who attended the concert and witnessed the accident.

23-year-old Yousif Al Zaid, claimed, "when he fell they closed the curtain on the stage and dimmed the lights. They then escorted everyone out.” Another fan, who had been sitting in the front seat and chose not to disclose his or her name,

 “From my viewpoint in the front row, it didn’t look like he put that much weight on it (the prop) when it started tipping. He tried to brace himself and push it back but it completely tipped and fell on him. Two or three of his crew members rushed to get it off of him quickly.”  Al Zaid mentioned.

According to other reports, it was around this time his girlfriend rushed over to him from the chair she'd been sitting in, on the side of the stage, clearly panicked.

There were some paramedics on site, however, it was another minute or two before actual medics started to get on stage.

An onslaught of tweets on Twitter has been discussing the event, most of which are fans providing support and wishing him well.

The incident could have been much worse, although it isn't certain how long it will take him to recover from his injuries. Hopefully, the talented star will be back to himself soon.

By Jade Sherry

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