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Microsoft Bringing New Edge Apps To IOS, Android

Microsoft building (Pixabay) 

Microsoft is reportedly bringing the Edge experience to the mobile devices sector. It's something that's been long awaited since the release of Windows 10. It's coming to both IOS and Android devices.

They're supposedly not bringing the "browser" to mobile devices but are instead bringing the look and feel of the Edge browser. It's something that will be unique for users.

While users should be able to still transfer and sync their bookmarks, favorites, reading view and more, Microsoft is also going to try out a new feature that's been called the "continue on PC."

It's certainly something unique for Microsoft and it could very well become popular. This is because some people prefer having everything in one place. As in if they look something up on their phone, they might want to be able to hop on their PC and continue reading, watching that video or more. It's really helpful for people that switch from device to device often.

The IOS app is said that it's going to use Webkit. The Android app will use the Chromium Blink engine. This is instead of using the Microsoft EdgeHTML rendering engine.

Many people who already enjoy Windows 10 have wanted that same Edge experience on their phones but could not get it. Once the app is released they can finally get that same experience on their mobile devices.

By Michael Normandin

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