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Steven Crowder Infiltrates Antifa And Finds Scary Info With Alleged Members

Steven Crowder and his host Jared (also referred to as not gay Jared) decided to go into the depths of the far left group known as Antifa. The Lowder With Crowder team got some great footage and audio of alleged Antifa members ready to use violence against the opposition. They even got names, and possibly some faces of the radicals. Antifa has in several cases been violent in and Crowder wanted to inform people on the subject.

The Louder With Crowder team devised a great plan to infiltrate Antifa undercover and record it all at the same time. This was truly a dangerous thing to do because knives ended up being handed out and guns were said to have been available for use against the opposition of Antifa. They sent Jared who works with Steven and is well known on his online show called Louder With Crowder. Jared had changed his appearance and was made to look like a typical millennial. He had long hair and wore average clothing that anyone could be seen wearing around any city.

You might be asking yourself well what about online contact? They had that covered as well. The Louder With Crowder team got some burner phones and tried to get into the entire Antifa organization. They had gained the trust of some radical members and met them in person to install an encrypted messaging app. Once installed more info was given to the undercover team that would then be used to meet up at a location. Jared managed to get out before anything wild happened.

Jared met the Antifa members at the place of higher education and discussed what's going to be done. He also had several questions to ask them such as "who else is going to be coming today."

The code names that the undercover team managed to get was Honeybee who was said to have been arrested later that day for tasing someone. They got Will who may not to have a code name. They may have also gotten other code names.

At least two members had weapons within the area. One of the alleged members was handing out weapons that seemed to be a screw driver or ice pick.

the other was said to have guns in his trunk. The member claimed to have a regular rifle, assault rifle, and shotgun that was "sawed off style." There was even said to be "two AKs coming." All of this was supposed to be for protection against the opposition.

More members showed up later and Jared ended up leaving since he didn't want to be involved with any violence. The LWC team was said to have handed over the footage to police who were supposed to look into the issue.

It must also be noted that the information in this article was taken from the video provided by the Louder With Crowder team. We encourage you to watch the video so you can see everything in full context.

By Michael Normandin

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