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Ciphers And Their Interesting History

Cipher (pixabay)

The question that you might be asking yourself is, what's a cipher? It's essentially a code. You have an original message and swap it up, so it looks like something that it's not. These codes are sometimes portrayed in spy movies and are in a lot of cases used by governments. Even some serial killers use ciphers. The Zodiac killer had ciphers that he supposedly created. Ciphers can also be used to mess with someone's head.

A cipher is an algorithm of which you can use to decrypt or encrypt a message. It's used in cryptography.

To solve ciphers there is generally a key given that can sometimes help decrypt the message. It's still possible to decrypt a message without a key but it's generally much harder than expected if you don't have a key.

Ciphers have a history in the industry of film, as does many things. The Imitation Game is a film in which Alan Turing, who's a WW2 (World War two) mathematician tries to crack the German Enigma code. It gives the viewer a good idea of how hard some codes can really be.

Some governments use ciphers. The Soviets during the Cold War used ciphers that are said to be some of the most complicated ciphers ever. The codes used by them were known as the VIC cipher.

The serial killer that is known as The Zodiac Killer use ciphers that held secret messages. The cipher used by the killer is extremely hard to solve. The letters that contained the cipher created by the killer were sent to media outlets and each letter sent contained one-third of a  408-symbol cryptogram which the killer claimed contained his identity.

By Michael Normandin

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