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Counter Strike Bunny Hop Severs Are Unique And Fun.

CSGO Bunny Hopping taken from

Counter Stike Global Offensive, is a game where you can a have a lot of fun just on regular servers. I decided to see what actually goes down in one of the many Bunny Hop servers (B-Hop). These are places where people practice their skills in Bunny Hopping. The populations of these servers range from people who don't say anything to people who get into entire arguments that are either really hardcore or simply funny.

It must be noted what Bunny Hopping actually is. It's when you both sync your mouse movements with your movement keys. This means that when you press your key to move right you must move your mouse right. Once done correctly with timing jumps at a specific time, you can increase your speed.

As you have probably wondered, if you get good at this you can have a huge advantage in competitive games. Bunny Hopping would allow you to reach an angle first or run away from enemies faster. It can even allow you to reach an angle first and give the enemy a run for their money in an ambush.

There are entire servers and communities devoted to these Bunny Hop active servers. These communities can help people out with learning the skill. However, one thing that I noticed was that there was a lot of arguments and while some of the insults towards people sounded funny, some were just outright annoying.

One might wonder why people wouldn't just create a private match if these people just irritated them all the time. Well, the reason they go back to these servers, in general, is that they want an experience. It's hard to find a unique and funny but also irritating time when playing a game all on the same server.

In my experience, someone had been playing The X-Files theme song while people roasted him,  and people laughed at it. It was all in good fun.

By Michael Normandin

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