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Dash Cryptocurrency Updates Blockchain Code

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A decentralized and private cryptocurrency known as Dash has come out with a strong promise that may be a hit to the competition.  There's been an upgrade to its blockchain technology. 

The cryptocurrency's update to its blockchain tech has been something many people have probably wondered about. Dash has long been a cryptocurrency and has been used for many people who want to have their money be safe from inflation as well as other reasons. 

The recent update to the Dash's blockchain code was done to make Dash more friendly to everyone using it and everyone who may want to use it. This update increases the speed of transactions, which in turn can help people. A user often has to wait several minutes for the confirmation of a transfer of funds.  Dash is expected to be able to handle forty-eight transactions per second. 

 “The users of several other networks have experienced firsthand the impact that high fees can have on their daily lives, as many low-value transactions such as pre-paid phone top-ups or gift card purchases are priced out of the market.” Said CEO of Dash Core,  Ryan Taylor. 

Dash can even be used by more people now that Coinpot, a digital wallet for several cryptocurrency coins has introduced their feature allowing users to mine, and hold their Dash. This is very good news for anyone who is interested in getting into the cryptocurrency market as it's going to reduce the difficulty of getting coins. Dash seems to be growing and these new features will just make it easier for new people to get involved. 

by Michael Normandin

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