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How You Can Mine Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin (pixabay) 

Many of us have considered mining the original Bitcoin but came to the conclusion that it's just gotten way to hard. There are other coins you can mine but some of us still want to mine Bitcoin but another version of it. The cost of mining is usually high but Bitcoin Gold is trying to reduce the cost so that everyone can get into mining if their PC is good enough.

The original Bitcoins just isn't profitable if you're mining with a good old fashioned graphics card. You'll need to buy some ASIC miners. These miners are created with the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin. They don't come cheap and they do get the job done until Bitcoin inevitably gets harder to mine.  ASIC stands for an Application-specific integrated circuit.

Bitcoin is currently dominated by these ASIC machines, and powerful pcs just can't compete with that level of tech since it's so specialized. However, Bitcoin Gold's website claims that it solves this issue.

Bitcoin Gold's website says that the mining hardware for the coin is a GPU (graphics card) so what this means is that you can mine it with a GPU and not any specialized tech. It's more of a level playing field for everyone.

What this does for everyone, in the long run, is reduce the cost, since ASICs are super expensive. It allows anyone to pick up a GPU from a store and then get right into the mining.

Now if you still want to mine Bitcoin Gold, you can. You can use Minergate's software. I personally use this as I find it's simple and reliable, I mine whenever I am not really using my computer, so when I eat, get bored, and sometimes when I watch shows.

Make sure that you don't forget to close the miner as it can run up the electric bill pretty high if you leave it running all the time, keep on eye on your power consumption and calculate your profitability margin.

If you're interested in Bitcoin Gold the official website even has a comparison chart where it compares Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

By Michael Normandin

Questions Answered About Cryptocurrency

Question marks (Pixabay) 

If you've been sitting around and wondering "What is cryptocurrency? Why do I keep hearing about it? and How is this secured? All of these are good questions and concerns that someone should have before getting into a rapid market like cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency (often referred to as crypto)  is essentially decentralized virtual cash. When I say decentralized, I mean no government owns it. Instead, it's owned and maintained by the people. The people "mine" new coins of a particular crypto. It must also be noted that there isn't just cryptocurrency, there's plenty of them out there to choose from, however, some of the most well known and profitable ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

It must be noted that anyone who's going to invest anything, into this market must be aware that you can lose your investment so quickly it's not even funny. I mean this literally, take the price of Bitcoin, for example, it has gone up and down slightly over the past few days but overall stayed consistent above the $15,000 CAD mark.

However, some people think that Bitcoin is due for a crash soon. If it does end up crashing some people's investments might not be so good anymore. A crash of the price when it's so high seems like a distant dream but it's very possible. Some of the things that can help bring on a cryptocurrencies crash could be the overall loss of interest from the general public. This doesn't seem like the case for Bitcoin since it's incredibly popular.

The reason you keep hearing about Crypto is for two reasons. The first one is that it keeps getting the attention of the media, this is mainly because of insane price increases. It was bound to be both broadcasted and written about when Bitcoin managed to hit $22,000 CAD. The second is partly reliant on the first. The reason it's reliant on the first one is that new people get into crypto when they've heard about it on the news. The second half of the reason is that these people then go and talk about crypto to get others into it. In total, these two things can get so many people into such a new market.

Another question you might have is that, how do these cryptocurrencies even prevent counterfeit coins. Well, there's a simple answer to that. Blockchain, it prevents anyone from saying they have a certain number of coins when they don't. It's made up of many computers keeping a ledger of all the transactions and all the amounts that people have. Keep in mind that every computer needs to have a full list of these transactions. This is what helps keep cryptocurrencies so secure.

By Michael Normandin

Virtual Reality Is Awesome But The Tech Behind It Can Get Expensive

VR headset in the woods (Pixabay)

Many of us are absolutely fascinated by virtual reality (Vr) and how far it has come. The price of VR is pretty high at the moment because of the equipment that you will need in order to properly run the games that you'll play. However the experience you can get is like no other, so the question that comes forth is, should even bother buying everything and getting it set up to play for a little bit?

The hardware that you'll need to get started can get expensive fast. You have to find yourself a good graphics card to be sure that you can get some good frames per second (fps) and be able to enjoy all the wonders of virtual erality. A VR ready graphics card can be something like the gtx 1070, it's well balanced and can give the you abiltiy to game comfortably in virtual reality.

The next really important component would be the processor (CPU) You can use an I7 6700k, this will ensure that you have a good CPU to be able to run most of these games. This CPU with the graphics card should allow you to play games like Onward.

The motherboard that you choose can get expensive really fast. However, it can be really cheap too. This really depends on personal preference but be sure to get something that supports everything you're going to need in your build. The Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard may be a good option for you depending on your components.

The RAM or memory in your PC doesn't need to be intense. You can generally get away with like 8gb of ddr4 ram. It's the bare minimum for any gaming PC right now. You could go with Corsair, they're popular when it comes to RAM in a PC.

This part is actually really important, you need to power this build. So what I do is recommend overkill in this area just to be safe. Go with a 1200w power supply that has a minimum of an 80 plus bronze rating on it. A decent power supply for your needs could probably be found under EVGA or Corsair, as they're both pretty popular.

Now for the hard drive. Something simple like the 1TB Western Digital Blue Drive would be good. I personally have it on my gaming PC right now, it does its job, which is to store stuff and load it up when needed.

Then the last thing you need is the VR headset. The HTC vibe is popular as well as the Oculus Rift.

Now that I've listed everything that you might need (take the build with a grain of salt, everyone's needs are different.) The price range for this could range from $1500-2200 CAD or a bit more. The reason it's so expensive is simply that you're getting some of the best hardware on the market. You will be very close to the top tier of computers for gaming. This is because VR is hard to run, and you need some power to back up all that cool stuff you can do in VR.

The experience you're getting with it is like no other. The user can enjoy a comfortable fun and unique experience. This experience is groundbreaking. It is just the start of what will probably be the future of gaming one day.

By Michael Normandin

Cryptocurrency Wallet and Faucet Websites Down.

Glasses next to computer (Pexels) 

 The large cryptocurrency wallet known as Coinpot is down alongside the Moon faucets. This is said to be just for maintenance on the websites.

First thing is first, what are the websites and what do they even provide. The answer to that is quite simple.

Coinpot is a basically like a wallet for several different types of cryptocurrencies. The currencies supported are Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Dash.

The coinpot website currently has a message stating that the website is down for maintenance and will be back ASAP (as soon as possible)

The same info is shown on all the Moon faucet websites. The Moon faucet websites refer to Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Litecoin, and Moon Dash.  The websites are all down for maintenance. This is something that I have never personally seen all at once.

As for the reason behind this sudden maintenance, no one really knows. However, last time Coinpot was down was because they were updating their services so that they can offer support for the Dash cryptocurrency.

In this case, it's possible that these services are down to make them more efficient against Adblocker and other services that do the same job. Adblocking can surely be a huge issue for faucet website or even a wallet. The reason it's so bad is that the faucets rely on showing the users ads in return for some cryptocurrency. A faucet can't operate if some people are taking the coins and not seeing the ads. This causes the faucets to be nonprofitable.

The issue with Coinpot could also be the ads situation. However, it's possible that they're updating adblocking and security on the wallet's website.

It must be noted that this article has been updated and the Moon faucet websites, as well as the Coinpot wallet, are now all back online.

By Michael Normandin

Coinbase Stops Support For Bitcoin Cash After Rumors of Insider Trading

Bitcoin cryptocurrency. (Pixabay)

Coinbase which is a well-established company in the cryptocurrency world stopped allowing transactions of the coin known as Bitcoin Cash during the increase in price moment.This was done after rumors of insider trading were going on with employees of the company. Coinbase has since launched an internal probe to determine if its employees were actually participating in some insider trading.

In case you were wondering, insider trading happens when someone usually from within the company knows info that nonpublic. This can affect the prices of certain items, as such with Bitcoin Cash.

The rumors of insider trading started to go around after the cryptocurrency was introduced on the platform. The price was around $2000- 3000 CAD and rose significantly. The current price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is around $4000 CAD.  Coinbase shut down support for Bitcoin Cash at that current moment.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said: “If we find evidence of any employee or contractor violating our policies — directly or indirectly — I will not hesitate to terminate the employee immediately and take appropriate legal action.”

It must be noted that Bitcoin Cash appears to now have support on the Coinbae website.

By Michael Normandin