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How You Can Mine Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin (pixabay) 

Many of us have considered mining the original Bitcoin but came to the conclusion that it's just gotten way to hard. There are other coins you can mine but some of us still want to mine Bitcoin but another version of it. The cost of mining is usually high but Bitcoin Gold is trying to reduce the cost so that everyone can get into mining if their PC is good enough.

The original Bitcoins just isn't profitable if you're mining with a good old fashioned graphics card. You'll need to buy some ASIC miners. These miners are created with the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin. They don't come cheap and they do get the job done until Bitcoin inevitably gets harder to mine.  ASIC stands for an Application-specific integrated circuit.

Bitcoin is currently dominated by these ASIC machines, and powerful pcs just can't compete with that level of tech since it's so specialized. However, Bitcoin Gold's website claims that it solves this issue.

Bitcoin Gold's website says that the mining hardware for the coin is a GPU (graphics card) so what this means is that you can mine it with a GPU and not any specialized tech. It's more of a level playing field for everyone.

What this does for everyone, in the long run, is reduce the cost, since ASICs are super expensive. It allows anyone to pick up a GPU from a store and then get right into the mining.

Now if you still want to mine Bitcoin Gold, you can. You can use Minergate's software. I personally use this as I find it's simple and reliable, I mine whenever I am not really using my computer, so when I eat, get bored, and sometimes when I watch shows.

Make sure that you don't forget to close the miner as it can run up the electric bill pretty high if you leave it running all the time, keep on eye on your power consumption and calculate your profitability margin.

If you're interested in Bitcoin Gold the official website even has a comparison chart where it compares Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

By Michael Normandin

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