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Montreal Is Getting A Sky Bridge

Montreal will be getting a sky bridge. According to mtlblog, it is set to open in mid-2019.

The walkway is going to be open to the public and will connect Tour Des Canadiens 2 and 3 to the Deloitte Tower. It will also connect itself to the Bell Center and the underground network, of which many people have been asking for an expansion.

One of the more useful things is that this walkway will create an easier transport path between the Southern neighborhoods and downtown Montreal.

The firm that has come up with the modern concept is known as the Ombrages. The engineering firm has apparently also worked on large-scale projects such as the Olympic Park Tower and the Montreal Casino. 

This network does certainly have some advantages. One of which will be allowing people to travel without directly having to go outside during the winter, which is an act that's often despised. As with everything in our world, there is cost and this one may not cost a ton right now but down the line, it might run someone a pretty penny. This is one of the more notable disadvantages of this bridge, although most people will likely enjoy having a bridge, especially during the winter months. 

By Michael Normandin

Israel Extends Firearms Permit To 500,000 People

Via Mondoweiss

The country of Israel has extended a whopping 500,000 firearms permits to Israelis.

This extension really covers people who are infantry veterans. This means they have had to serve in the armed forces in a specific trade before being eligible. It also covers police officers who have had similar training, military officers with the rank of first lieutenants or higher and non-commissioned officers with the rank of first sergeant or higher.

The permits have been extended because of the want for a better response time towards terrorist incidents.

The permit extension was first announced Monday by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan Via The Times of Israel

Permit holders must be in good psychological health and they have to renew their permits every three years. Alongside those regulations, they must also be twenty-one years of age.

Currently, it has been reported that 150,000 Israelis already have gun licenses. These people are most likely those who live in settlements or border areas. It also includes people who work in security who might need the firearm for self-defense purposes. The number of military personnel who have firearms is likely to increase this number since it does not include them.

By Michael Normandin

Canadian Radio Telescope Picks Up Radio Bursts From Outside Our Galaxy

Via CHIME Dunlap Institute

A Canadian radio telescope located in British Columbia (B.C) has been reported to have captured some radio bursts from outside of our Milky Way galaxy.

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, also known as CHIME has been searching for these sort of bursts for around a week and actually came across them. It's something that many people would not have expected given the vast distances in space.

The type of radio wave that was picked up is an FRB (Fast Radio Burst). These really only last for milliseconds.

Since CHIME is fairly large, it might be able to pick up a lot more of these FRBs, which means that we might be able to learn more about the great beyond.


However, while it may pick more FRBs up, we'll still need to figure out if they're useful messages or just random bursts that have been let out through space. Some people think that it's extraterrestrials that have sent out these FRBs, others say it's a black hole or just a neutron star. The fact is, we currently don't know the exact origin of these radio bursts as of yet.

That doesn't mean that something like CHIME isn't going to help research into the world of space. It's actually going to help scientists out a lot, especially if it can provide many FRBs. In short, it will basically allow more evidence and research to go into several different FRBs, which in turn would simply allow for more knowledge to be gained from them.

CHIME was first turned on last year and began collecting radio waves for scientific research and understanding. Apparently, the functionality to capture FRBs was added after the initial starting time of the telescope.

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By Michael Normandin

Canada And The Srebrenica Incident

An unidentified Canadian NATO-led peacekeeper watches a group of Bosnian Croats prior to a rally in the central Bosnian town of Busovaca, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Sarajevo, Monday, April 9, 2001. (AP PHOTO/SAVA RADOVANOVIC) Via

To be clear, we do not in any way discredit any military force, soldiers or people.  We're just posting an article that we feel is shedding some light on Canada and the Srebrenica incident. As in, we're just writing about how Canada could have done a little more to prevent this issue. We also spoke to some veterans of the conflict who also feel the same way and give some insight as to why the incident occurred the way it did.

Canada was taking part in a peacekeeping operation run by the United Nations in Yugoslavia. This is often known as the Bosnian War, which took part between Apr 6, 1992 – Dec 14, 1995. Certain parts of the mission have made some people feel really bad about leaving the town of Srebrenica, formerly a part of Yugoslavia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, now a part of Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Battlefield: The war crimes for which Mladic has been found guilty were carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and includes the three-year siege of Sarajevo and the massacre in Srebrenica Via

While on the mission Canadian soldiers fond themselves under fire and in the middle of a brutal war that would soon take the lives of around 140,000 people and would displace millions. The war also left scars on peacekeepers. Some Canadian soldiers as well as other participating members found themselves emotionally damaged and dealing with PTSD. 

The war also brought on the worst of human beings. There were mass murders, rapes, and even reported enslavement. The mass murders were everything from attempting to wipe out entire peoples for different beliefs all the way to executing large numbers of people and burying the bodies in lime so the smell wouldn't be as bad.

What's the Srebrenica incident? 

31 May 1993: Heavily armed Bosnian Serb soldiers patrol through a field near the town of Srebrenica Via IBTimes UK

The incident was essentially where 8000 Muslims Bosniaks who were victims of the massacre. This mass murder was mainly perpetrated by units of the Bosnian Serb Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) under the command of Ratko Mladić. The incident happened on July 11-22 1995. Though the final siege of Srebrenica occurred on July 11, 1995.

The town was actually under protection from the Dutch military forces. They obviously, did not manage to hold the enclave correctly and the lack of defense resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Although, the Dutch forces may have not been prepared for the intensity of the attacks on the enclave on the regular. 

28 February 1994: Dutch soldiers accompany a UN convoy of armored vehicles on their way to Lukavac and Srebrenica Via IBTimes UK

I spoke to Carlos Steiner, a veteran who served in Bosnia with the Canadian Forces. Carlos explained to me what he and his company was tasked with doing in the region. He also mentioned how the murders happened within the city. 

Carlos said:  "it was very tense all of the time, specifically where our company operated in Visoko and Srebrenica. Our mandate was convoy and VIP escort duty along with providing security for UNPROFOR combat engineers while in Visoko and then it was to secure and disarm the Srebrenica enclave. I was a Section Second in Command of a Mechanized Infantry Platoon and a Section Commander of a Mechanized Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon."

"We were ordered to stand down whenever confronted by Serbian Forces and I do believe that it had to do with the government at the time, Mulroney and Chretien who threw Kim Campbell under the bus in 1993. One of our colleagues was killed by a Serbian combatant in the first direct fire incident involving the death of a Canadian soldier since the Korean war and it was covered up, Campbell was made Prime Minister." He continued.

24 July 1996: The bodies of Muslims killed during the exodus from Srebrenica are seen in a grave near the eastern Bosnian village of Nova Kasaba Via IBTimes UK

When asked about how the murders in Srebrenica happened, Carlos mentioned this: "it would consist of mass execution-style killing of civilians, mostly men, and boys. Shelling into hills as villagers escaped, driving truckloads of men to warehouses packing them inside and grenading them, rape, forcing family members to kill their own children, exhuming bodies from mass graves, dismembering them and moving them to secondary mass graves, etc."

Carlos went on to say that he knows of these murders based on ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) findings.

18 September 1996: Forensic experts investigate bodies, many of them blindfolded and with their hands tied around their backs, in a mass grave outside the village of Pilica Via IBTimes UK

The Canadian Forces actually held the enclave before it was handed off to Dutch forces. They are often described as doing a good job at holding the enclave back from the Serbian forces. In fact, when I spoke to a veteran from the Canadian Forces who served in the conflict, he mentioned how one soldier was shot at by the Serbian forces and had become aggravated to the point of emptying an entire 50. Caliber Browning Machine Gun box of ammo into a Serbian forces bunker. The bunker was even described as completely destroyed alongside anything that was inside of it at the time. This would be an example of how different the Dutch and Canadians were, so naturally, when a force that is not used to dealing with experienced forces that tend to push things to the limit, they are more likely to lose a position. 

Why is Srebrenica not talked about as much?

Srebrenica was a terrible incident that hasn't gotten as much attention as other mass murders but why not. One reason could be that there is the not in my backyard effect (NIMBY). However, instead of it being about development, it is about a massacre. This happens when someone hears about something but does not seem to care because it does not directly affect them in a personal manner. Other reasons could be that the entire incident is not talked about as much as say, a terrorist attack or bombings, and other large-scale incidents that people tend to remember. 

A Bosnian Muslim woman walks past tombstones at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery near Srebrenica (Getty/Andrej Isakovic) Vi IBTimes UK

The lack of open talking about this incident is clear evidence to show that no one seems to want responsibility for the incident. This is why the entire massacre comes off as being swept under the rug by governments and people. This is dangerous because it shows that no one really wants to stand up and look at why things went wrong, so there is no improvement to prevent this from happening again. That's why it's often better to look at something and figure out why it did not work, then never doing that again, so the issue wouldn't result in more deaths but that does not seem to be happening here. 

Another reason why it might not be talked about as much is that Russia vetoed a UN resolution declaring the Srebrenica massacre a genocide. On top of that, this is a huge political piece for Serbia if they would like to join the EU. It has even been said that there are alleged Srebrenica war criminals living in Canada.

The refugees.

Dutch UN peacekeepers on top of an armored personnel carrier as Muslim refugees from Srebrenica, eastern Bosnia, gather in the nearby village of Potocari in July 1995. File photograph: AP

Refugees are something that was part of the entire Srebrenica incident and the Bosnian war as a whole. These people were among the few to go through the lengthy process of providing information, proof and being involved in interviews to prove who they were. This meant that they had to relive the trauma that they experienced during the Bosnian war. Every bit of trauma had to be gone over to ensure everything was in order and that these refugees, were in fact, refugees. 

The total amount of people who were displaced will never be known since some of them died on their journeys. The figure is more than 2,000,000 people who were displaced during the Bosnian War. 

The effects faced by the refugees are likely to still be going on even today. This could be the case since people cannot lose mental scars, such as being put in some of the concentration camps that had been going on during the war or witnessing a murder, etc. 

By Michael Normandin

Why Do Some People Prefer Laptops Over Desktops

Via The Verge

Laptops are just another piece of technology that we all love. They allow us to work in a mobile setting and can even be cheaper than a traditional desktop in some cases. Some people prefer one over the other. Why is this the case?

This post is not intended to divide anyone, we're just looking into an issue. We also wanted to inform you of some reasons that might be present for someone preferring one or another.

What are laptops exactly? 

Laptops are mobile computers but don't get confused, they're not like your smartphone. They can do much more than what a phone can do. A phone can be rather limited since it's small and the tech backing it up isn't the best of the best. A laptop has got more backing it up. Laptops tend to have the more powerful technology backing them up. 

Laptops are also pretty mobile. They are smaller than their desktop counterparts. There is, however, a catch. In this case, it's the fact that the technology isn't as good when compared to that of a desktop.

Via Laptop Mag

So. why do people prefer laptops. 

Well, it's actually quite simple. They like the portability and decent tech that comes with it. When someone has the option to do something on a computer, they will take that option instead of actually having to write it out. The convenience is just there. A laptop is an undeniably more mobile than a desktop, this allows people to bring it to work, school a local cafe. When they have their own device with them and that device allows them to do whatever they want, they'll likely enjoy it. 

Laptops are also pretty small when compared to a desktop. They can fit in most bags and generally have long-lasting battery life. However, most of the time a desktop can get more power than a laptop, unless there's no power during a storm, then someone's laptop turns into a cool little movie watching device. 

Essentially, laptops are great for mobility and can operate from anywhere in the world, so long as they have their battery charged. They're great for power outages and can be even better if you're able to use them at a school since all of your work can be in one place. 


By Michael Normandin

The U.S Wants Major North Korean Nuclear Disarmament

A North Korean missile on display at a parade in Pyongyang. South Korea has collected debris from the North Korea rocket that was launched Saturday. File Photo by Yonhap

The United States would like to see some "major" nuclear weapon disarmament from North Korea.
This is coming after the president of the United States, Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, met in Singapore.

What is going on? 

The act of the removal of these nuclear weapons is something that the United States actually wants to have done in 2.5 years. That timeframe could cause a bit of between the two negotiating parties. It could cause a disagreement because it's a small timeframe and pushed the North Koreans to actually acting on their agreed upon subjects in a fast manner. When pushing a state to do something it could create chaos because said state might feel that they're being turned into a puppet.

A major nuclear weapon removal is something that can make the North feel vulnerable but is needed if relations are to continue going to well. If one side does not hold their end of the bargain up, all these efforts to talk will go right down the drain. This situation is basically very volatile because Kim Jong Un can be somewhat unpredictable in certain circumstances.

The past. 

In the past, the United States and North Korea had millions of people thinking that an all-out war would break out. This would happen because the North would test a nuke or the U.S would go ahead and do some military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. It seems as if both sides were aware that a war wouldn't actually solve any of their problems. They may have even realized that it would just create more issues in the long run.  It's still a volatile situation but was worse just a few months ago. 



By Michael Normandin

North Korea Commits To Removing Nuclear Weapons

Photo credit: The Hill

President Donald Trump of the United States and Kim Jong Un of North Korea have apparently come to an agreement like no other. The two leaders also met in Singapore.

Both parties have made a commitment that showed real progress between the relations of the two nations. 

Kim Jong Un has agreed to denuclearization, an act that proves he's willing to not have nuclear weapons. North Korea been testing them for some time and they've caused more than their fair share of controversy in Asia as a whole. 

President Trump promised "security guarantees" to the small nation. He's likely doing this by stopping some military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. 

Why was this meeting so important? 

This is a historic moment because a meeting like this one wasn't expected of a lot of people. The two nations have been at each other's necks for years. Within that time frame, the two nations never really tried to solve any issues at hand but this time it might be different.



By Michael Normandin

Teens and Stress

Teens and Stress (via pixabay) 

Stress is unavoidable and must be addressed. It's not something that can be just hidden away inside your mind. Stress can affect your health both in a negative and positive way. Teens often deal with their stress in very different ways, if not handled correctly it can result in emotional distress. I've found that teens find themselves under stress because of school, their social life and how they deal with everyday stress. 

If stress isn't handled correctly it's possible that bad things can be the result of that choice. For Example, if someone is stressed because they're an accountant and they need to meet quarterly demand and they're behind, they can find themselves stressed to meet the quota. In this example, if stress isn't handled properly the accountant could find themselves having outbursts and being on what I would call an emotional rollercoaster. They might be yelling at one moment then crying the next. Stress when bottled up, which is often what people do, unfortunately, leaves them feeling rather bipolar (a mental illness in which many factors are visible, including being on an emotional rollercoaster). This accountant might usually be more relaxed but when the quarterly quotas come around, he might feel more stressed than his usual self.

Stress for teens

Teens, in particular, are under stress a lot. In fact, according to Psychology Today, they have a higher rate of depression and anxiety. These two things go almost alongside stress, especially if it's put alongside school. A highschooler would typically be a teen. They find themselves having a ton of homework to do, dealing with social issues like isolation due to their mobile devices. Students will find themselves isolated because they're doing homework and not all teachers assign the same thing so they can't work on it with friends. They then end up doing their homework at home, alone, generally in their rooms. This makes them feel disconnected and unable to talk to their friends because they know they'll end up losing to much time. They also can sometimes stay awake at night because they're freaking out before a test. They don't know how they'll do on it and how it's going to look. This causes them to feel unhappy and tired for the upcoming test. Having these factors all piled onto each other with a family that is somewhat dysfunctional would be enough to make some teenagers just drop out. It's something that happens to a few kids, they'll drop out of school because they just can't handle everything it's tossing at them. Imagine a 16-year-old student in high school, he's got his iPhone and enjoys going on social media. He's helping his parents out with money when he can but he hides away at lunch to do the homework he can't do when he works. This causes him to not have stimulation around people his own age. He feels unhappy and often becomes irritable around people. This is sometimes the case for students and they need to have the tools to handle these stresses properly.

Stress, like everything, has the good and the bad to it. It can be good someone who needs to catch the bus on time or they'll miss that day or school and bad for someone who's always falling behind quota and really needs the job that they're working at. The bad health implications of stress can be bad for the heart. However, if stress is handled in a different way, specifically thought about in a positive manner by which it's used as a motivator to fight procrastination. If teens were to think differently about the stress in their lives, especially at school, they could find themselves being a bit more productive and work faster to ensure that they get that much wanted/needed free time.  Being stressed doesn't need to mean that you're not healthy, it can be more of a booster for confidence. If a teen was to repurpose all those feelings of depression, anxiety, and general stress, they can be better workers. 

Stress doesn't have to be negative but it does have both negative and positive attributes. If handled incorrectly it can cause someone to feel and somewhat be, emotionally unstable. It's also unavoidable, stress is everywhere, it's how we deal with it that matters.

By Michael Normandin

Texas Shooter May Have Illegally Had Weapons

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the suspect who is said to have opened fire on people at Santa Fe High School on Friday may have had illegal possession of firearms. The shooter is said to have killed ten people and wound another ten.

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the shooter was actually illegal in possession of both a shotgun and a .38 revolver. He's said to have gotten from his father.

Greg Abbott said: "Neither of these weapons were owned or legally possessed by the shooter."

Abbott did mention that it's not entirely known if the father was aware that his son took his weapons at the time.

While the shooter had the weapons, he's said to have spared the lives of those he liked and specifically targeted the classmates that he disliked.


By Michael Normandin

Gaming Scholarships are coming in hard.

Gaming (pixabay) 

Scholarships are unique and always offered to people who are exceptional in some way or another. Gaming has never really been considered when it came to scholarships but recently that idea has changed.  the National Association of Collegiate esports, scholarships have risen by five times.  So, all those times people sat down and were on the backs of gamers just because they played games instead of playing “actual sports” might finally be coming to an end.

This is a great tool for many people who don’t play traditional sports because it can give them the ability to help pay for school while doing their past time. Playing some games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, a first-person shooter that puts teams of five people up against each other and the best tactics and accuracy win is just one way someone could end up getting that degree in writing they so desperately want.

Counter-Strike is arguably one of the larger Esports games out there. Just today CSGO yanked in a whopping 435,721 players for its peak, according to the steampowered website.

What this means is that there must be a good portion of those people playing competitive matches. Out of those players, the ones to actually get a scholarship will be small. This is because the vast majority of players aren’t going to go pro. You’ll have the odd one who will but in general, most people just play to pass the time and be social. They basically just want to have a good time and hang out with the people around them.

Scholarships already offer a large portion of people the ability to get a good education for less or even no money. This is just another avenue for people to actually go ahead and take. They don’t have to be held back by being gamers. That alone is something a lot of gamers feel because they see the Football, and baseball scholarships available to the best. They never had an option before but they now do and people are going to try and take advantage of it. More often than not, you’re going to see some people jump on this and end up going truthfully pro. It will be a sight to remember because it’s literally history. It would be the first time someone could say that they went to school under a scholarship to effectively become a professional gamer. It’s also the job title that millions of people have wanted for decades but are only capable of kind of getting now.


By Michael Normandin

The Cleaning Of The Chateauguay River Is Happening

Chateauguay river (Michael Normandin vanguardnews)

Chateauguay is a relatively small town. It's only got a population of around fifty-thousand people but manages to show an initiative to stay green. The "Cleaning Of The Chateauguay River" is essentially where people get together and clean the banks of the river. It's also said that around two-hundred trees will be distributed.

The activity is set to take place rain or shine on May 19, 2018, and the location will be on Marcel-Seers Park. This is said to be the intersection of D'Youville Boulevard and Girouard Street.

Some people who are quite fit will be allowed to partake in going into steep sections of the river banks. This will be done by using safety harnesses as well as ropes. It's expected that this will be done by two teams. There's also going to be teams of around ten-twelve people who might be doing the less physical activity but will still clean up the river bank. Every team should have a leader that will be selected for them. The teams are apparently going ot be trained on-site.

There are also going to be two water bottles provided to each individual at the start of the event. It's also said that gloves and garbage bags are going to be provided.  As a reward, the participants will be able to go to a free BBQ at the end of the entire clean up.

We spoke to Marcus Jit, a local resident of Chateauguay and asked him what he thinks of this initiative and if he'll be able to attend.

He said: "Ok well this is the first I'm hearing of the river cleaning I think it's a great idea that will make the spot more popular with people during the summer I don't think I would be able to participate in any of the cleanings due to my schedule but I would be fine donating some money to help buy cleaning supplies and anything else they might need."

Monthly Chateauguay magazine

By Michael Normandin

Warren Buffett Doesn't Seem Like A Fan Cryptocurrency

Warren Buffett ( photo

Warren Buffett, a billionaire doesn't seem to like Bitcoin. While many millionaires and just people, in general, love the entire idea about cryptocurrency. He expressed his opinion on the subject at the 2018 Berkshire Hathaway meeting. It's generally for shareholders.

According to CCN, Buffett said: “If you buy something like bitcoin or some cryptocurrency, you don’t really have anything that has produced anything." What this means is that when someone buys Bitcoin, it's not really like purchasing a good or service. It's more like just paying for something that you're told you have.

While many people might be running to argue this statement, they must examine the reason why. Warren Buffett and others like him tend to look at things differently than most. His point could come off as the cryptocurrency market being a bubble while many other people see it as a currency run by the people for the people.

Other high profile individuals might disagree with Buffett. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is said to truly believe that Bitcoin will be the currency of the future. According to CNBC, he mentioned that he expects Bitcoin to be the currency of the future for the internet.

Overall, Warren Buffett doesn't come off as someone who likes Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in general. However, other people who are pretty big in the world of business seem to disagree with Buffett. Whatever the case may be, it's certainly something that can cause some division in whether or not cryptocurrency is reliable and sustainable for the future world.


By Michael Normandin

Opinion: Are Police Still Useful Or Do They Need To Be Swapped Out?

NYPD police car (pixabay)
It must be noted that both the author and the website are not against police in any way, we're only exploring a topic that was brought up to us.

Police have long since been a source of law enforcement, they started out being unarmed and mostly just soldiers. As time went on they started to get their own uniforms, weapons, and vehicles. Currently, many people feel that police aren't particularly useful for protecting them if they live in rural areas. Some people even feel that police are a waste of tax dollars that's just another excuse to militarize people and keep everyone in line for the motives of the government. There have even been several instances where police have not been doing what they need to do. However, there are been several issues involving private security forces, which have been a call for a solution to the problems with police.

Police have often been criticized for not getting to the scene of the crime fast enough. While the response time for police is fairly decent for urban areas, citizens living in a rural area often have to wait much longer for police to arrive. This is why they're more vigilant and have firearms in their homes. In fact, it's well known that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police use few officers to monitor a large area. This is visible in a video on the website known as YouTube titled "Canadian police(RCMP) saved my life." The officer in the video states that he has a detachment that manages around 30 thousand-square kilometers. He also mentions that there are only "six police officers for this giant area" The officer also mentions how he covers an area of over one-hundred kilometers. What this means is that if someone's farm is being robbed which seems to be quite easy considering Lee de Coninck Smith, who told CBC in an interview that "Snowmobiles, ATVs — these are big-ticket items that are easy to grab and easy to get rid of. Anything that's not bolted down, it can be taken." This means that clearly anything can be taken and police are often either understaffed or too far away to help, sometimes both of these factors work together. If police aren't available to come to the scene of the crime on time, citizens need to defend themselves using their own weapons as they see fit. Regardless they need to pay for a service that, sometimes isn't even going to arrive at the scene when needed most.

Some people feel as if the taxes they pay are going down the drain, specifically with police. They have feelings that are negative towards police because of evidence which shows them not doing what people feel should be part of their job. This goes hand to hand towards militarization of police forces because the more militarized a police force becomes, the more distant they feel from the very community they're trying to protect. It shows that officers can't entirely be proactive while still doing their jobs. The government keeps spending more and more money on giving higher grade military quality weaponry and tools to officers but haven't entirely considered the possibility towards a psychology show of force. Both Los Angeles and New York spend the most on their police forces. New York is at the top with a whopping $4.89B according to Forbes. Los Angeles spends $1.49B. This is a huge cost to the taxpayer, every single year. In Canada, specifically in the Quebec city of Montreal, police just directing traffic cost $10.5M in 2016, according to an article on Global news. The city did in fact, mention how they were going to try and close the gap on this issue. Taxes are being spent on things like better equipment while the equipment is only used in emergency situations. Most of the time officers don't need a full-on rocket-proof armored patrol vehicle to raid a home. It's essentially just a way to redistribute tax dollars that need to be spent to ensure that a budget can either stay the same or even increase. Let's face it if you own a lemonade stand and your parents give you ten dollars but find out that it only costs eight dollars to run, next year they'll give you eight. It's all about numbers and keeping budgets large. In another case about taxes being directed in an essentially useless manner, police records have also been quite hurtful to Canadians in particular who've never actually been stopped by the police. In The Star's article, they cite several incidents in which the police have not particularly been involved in an incident but have records on the person. In one specific case, a woman's family had to have her mental health record which was showing up with the police checks, changed with the force of a lawyer. This shows everyone that if you don't have a record but have even called the police, it's possible it can show up on a background check. It's such a waste of police efforts because all of this information is logged into a system, then if someone finds out, it's removed by legal action, this usually means that the justice system ends up clogged with tiny, useless and time-wasting cases while money and time can be better spent elsewhere. It's an entire system of time-loss which could be far better organized and even be cheaper for the taxpayer if it was. In particular, if a police force was extremely organized they could reduce the amount tedious small cases like the above-mentioned one. The lives of many people would be made easier.

Police also don't technically have to protect someone. Police have it right in the job's name. "Law Enforcement," they don't really have to do much more than that. They can come across someone hurting someone and have to intervene because the "law" is being broken but don't have to intervene if you're not safe since no laws have been broken. In fact, The New York Times published an article in which they reported that The Supreme Court ruled that police don't have a constitutional duty to protect people. Which is technically true but not liked by anyone who has ever used police services as they now know that police can not act on certain things. Criticism is another issue with police. It's a real possibility that some police officers are weaker willed than others. When that individual comes along, calls of racism and abuse could deter them from doing their job. It's a possibility that isn't always looked at in policing.

Most people's solution to the issues with police would be private security. They can be cheaper and more effective. They have the ability to hit hard when needed but maintain are often said to be able to maintain a quiet, friendly but still reliable source of protection. They're hired for everything from outright wars to security for someone who wants security in their country or a foreign one. They've been called the superpower for hire because of their extremely skilled ex-soldiers hired and their ability to get their hands on items such as Dragon Skin armor, which is widely accepted to be better than traditional body armor. They also have access to equipment that a regular military force might not have yet due to the bureaucratic nature of any government-connected system. They're used by pretty much anyone who can afford them. In fact, the United States federal government hired Blackwater, a formerly named private security company now known as Academi, right after Hurricane Katrina to protect government facilities. Blackwater was also hired by the U.S federal government in Iraq, they received millions of dollars to protect places and people. None of this means that private security companies, in general, don't have their fair share of trouble. In September of 2007, Blackwater agents were involved in what's now known as the Nisour Square massacre. Blackwater agents shot at Iraqis. This resulted in the injury of at least twenty civilians and the murder of seventeen. This happened in Baghdad. Four Blackwater employees ended up being tried, one went down for murder and the other three for both manslaughter and firearms charges. After that, the PMC (Private Military Contractor) lost its ability to operate in Iraq, at least temporarily. There's also video evidence to suggest that some agents of PMC groups are violent and don't follow traditional regulation. In a YouTube video, alleged Blackwater members are seen openly firing on the tires of vehicles in Iraq. Although no proof is provided to back up the claim of the video.


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By Michael Normandin

People Are Uncertain About Cryptocurrency

Litecoin (pixabay)

The crypto market has been going through some hard times recently,  it seems as if people are uncertain in the idea of the market which can cause some people to feel that it's not worth the risky investment. Demand for cryptocurrencies is still high but it always goes back to the fact of how well each coin ( a term generally used to refer to cryptocurrency) is going to actually do.

Cryptocurrency has it's foot in the door in several areas but can't seem to manage to keep in there. While it keeps people happy by ensuring that the government isn't in control of their money and they're not subject to inflation, it creates uncertainty because no one can be sure as to how well a coin is going to do. The prices of coins can go up and down every single day. It's really hard to predict the price of a coin when the market is constantly changing.

Some people might not feel so certain about cryptocurrency because of large hacks that have happened in the mining industry. In 2017, Nicehash,  a website where people can buy mining power or offer their technology to mine cryptocurrency was hacked. It's said that in this case around $60M was lost.

Cryptocurrency is still in demand though, some people who are already invested into it have hope that the popularity and knowledge will continue to grow for the cryptocurrency. Under the assumption that does grow, it can be very beneficial down the line for them since they purchased their amount cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin when the price was low. If the price goes up they make more money.

Certain coins will do better than others based on the time it was released and how much media attention it got. Sometimes the coin will provide something in the community that wasn't previously available which would mean that it's now useful. This would create more demand in the market and this is happening a lot with cryptocurrency mining operations.

Essentially, cryptocurrencies are here to stay but the market needs to advance itself. Many people are currently uncertain about where the coins and going but manages to make people happy with the services the cryptocurrencies actually offer. Demand is still decent due to popularity and new cryptocurrency coins coming into play that offer new options that weren't previously available.


By Michael Normandin

Catherine: Full Body's Imminent Release Causes Controversy

Catherine game (via kinyu-z) 

Ever since the first Catherine game was released in 2011, the Catherine franchise has been no stranger to controversy. Considered misogynistic and overly sexual by some, although to counter these accusations (or at least the protests against sexualization), the game is explicitly aimed toward adults, and the sexual content is quite tame compared to other media nowadays. However, about the misogyny claims, it can't defend itself much there. It must be noted that this article will not be trashing any game, company or anyone.

According to, "1UP reviewer Jeremy Parish praised the game’s maturity, saying 'Catherine is a game for anyone who’s ever feared commitment, dreaded aging, felt their heart stray, dealt with a pregnancy scare, spent long booze-soaked hours commiserating with pals at the local dive bar, or simply questioned the direction their life is going as they close in on middle age.'.....But the game doesn’t confront these issues so much as half-ironically drown in them. Vincent, and the game itself are soaked in insecurity, indecision, stupidity, and above all, fear: fear of commitment, fear of children, fear of sex, and above all, fear of women." However, whether you agree with that statement or not, the new game is facing not only controversy over this original concept but also the possible discrimination against transgender individuals.

The original game centers around our protagonist, Vincent, as he struggles with commitment issues when his longtime girlfriend Katherine tells him she's pregnant. He isn't sure whether or not he's ready for marriage, and the responsibility a child would bring is something he doesn't think he has yet. Although, he doesn't admit this outwardly. Along comes Catherine, a gorgeous girl with a carefree personality, who tempts him into sleeping with her after a drunken night at the bar. Of course, the game gets much deeper and contains interesting supernatural and symbolic elements that truly make it stand out from your typical soap opera scenario. Catherine: Full Body, which is meant to be a more in-depth and erotic version of the original Catherine, involves a new character apart from Katherine and Catherine named Rin. And, as a new trailer would make it appear, Rin may be transgender.

Already, suggesting that the new game is going to contain more erotic, racy scenes is enough to garner controversy. However, with the transgender community increasing significantly in recent years, the main focus has fallen on to that topic. In the trailer, we see Rin's backside as she reveals her crotch to Vincent- and he stares, looking appalled. Although I personally find the trailer pretty vague- after all, this is a supernatural world, so for all, we know something else entirely is going on- I can see how some can view it as such an implication. After all, as I mentioned, the transgender community is increasing, and as a result, transgender characters in media are not as uncommon as they once were.

I think that we should all just wait and see before getting offended. After all, we don't know for sure what is really going on in the trailer. As obvious as it may seem, Catherine has been known for it's "more than meets the eye" symbols and implications. Therefore, jumping to conclusions doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to do. If the game itself is offensive, it's understandable that some may have negative feelings toward it, but how much can you really judge from just the trailer?

By Jade Sherry

Man Is Arrested After Stabbing Intruder In His Home

Henry Vincent ,right, and Richard Osborn-Brooks, left, via the Telegraph

 A pensioner known as Richard Osborn-Brooks has been arrested after finding two intruders inside of his home. This happened in South Park Crescent in southeast London.

One of the invaders was supposedly armed with a screwdriver. A struggle seemed to have happened in the pensioners home and the suspect ended up being stabbed in the kitchen. The suspect has been named as Henry Vincent.

 According to a witness, Vincent's accomplice had attempted to drag him out to a van but appeared to have given up and left him for dead. We're not aware of who the accomplice is at this time.

Vincent was brought to the hospital where he died from his wounds.

Richard Osborn-Brooks was arrested on the suspicion of murder. The internet didn't take well to that with people calling for his release and stating that everyone should have a right to defend themselves.

One of his neighbors who wanted to stay anonymous stated: “[I’ve heard] he’s a carer – this is a pensioner that has worked all his life who wants to live and die quietly.”

It's a situation that has always caused so many people to scratch their heads. In one particular incident that's similar to this one, a man was jailed after stabbing a burglar twelve times, this was after he mistook a crowbar for a machete. 


By Michael Normandin

Netlfix Could Make Immense Amounts Of Cash With Ads

Netflix remote (pixabay)

If Netflix, an international streaming service that serves millions of people per day,  was to add some video ads to their services like CBC which uses this idea and allows people to watch TV online, they could make a lot of money. YouTube is another example of using ads to allow free access to vast amounts of content.  However, it might also irritate some users and cause them to leave the service.

Netflix has been around for years and it's become a borderline household name. Some of the reasons as to why it's become popular are because it's provided a cheap and reliable service. It started off only costing around 8$/month. You can get more features for a higher price but the main idea was that you can get a wide range of shows and movies for a low price, ad-free.

According to Netflix has got around 90 million users. That's a whole lot of people. Now let's assume that Netlifx lands a fixed rate pay for their ads. What this means is that they get a flat amount of money for every click and every 1000 impressions (this is known as CPM, which is Cost, Per Mille). In this theory, they're earning 1.00$ for every click/1000 impressions.

We must now figure out how often Netlifx could put ads on their service. If they put one video ad for every ten minutes of watch time on a show or movie, it would mean they could reach 1000 impressions very quickly under the assumption that 100 thousand people watched one hour of Netflix per day.

Individuals could generate six ad views per hour, that's for one person. So it's around six hundred thousand ad views a day. If Netflix is making 1.00$ per 1000 impressions. This means that a revenue of about 100 thousand dollars could be made daily. That's under the idea that only one hundred thousand people use Netflix for 1 hour a day. The numbers are much higher than that.

However, these numbers are fixed and ads operate on a variable rate. Variable rates are harder to predict and Netflix could make less or more, it all depends on many different factors such as holidays, seasons, the economy and even what website the ads are playing on.

This can indeed make some users angry and cause them to leave the service entirely. Some people don't want to have ads shoved down their throat, they don't want to be subject to everything that sometimes comes with seeing many ads that can create needs within the mind. This is one of the reasons why Netflix has become so popular, they don't have ads. They just make you pay a small amount of money each month.

A solution to some people getting angry and leaving the service could be that Netflix could offer the subscription to those who would like an ad-free service. Others who wouldn't want to pay for the no ads option could go the route of just seeing ads.

One thing is for sure, Netflix would have to block any ad-blockers by not allowing people to view content if they aren't paying and have an ad-blocker on.

Either way, it's a dangerous game to play. Netflix was built on the idea of cheap and good content that only required internet access to get too, for only a small fee every month. However, getting ads could increase revenue for the company and let individuals who don't want to pay, contribute to the revenue in a different way, by seeing ads.


By Michael Normandin

Opinion: Checking My Male Privilege

Male (image via AnonMoos)

   My goal is not to make you feel stupid because you believed in this. I did too for a very long time. If you are reading this and currently believe in Male Privilege please keep an open mind. These points are based on evidence and reality. If you have any issues with the article feel free to contact us.

    Here is what (an extremely popular feminist website) has to say about male privilege “Our current cultural expectations, legislative system, and social programming work to sustain a hierarchy that constantly places men on the top. Consequently, men consistently achieve, succeed, and benefit at the expense of every other gender. That’s called male privilege.” Male privilege is the foundation of many Modern feminist issues. From the little gripes like man-spreading to some of their biggest issues like division of labor and their Piece De Resistance, the infamous wage gap.

     The fact is that there is not a single right that a man has that a woman does not possess In the US or Canada. This leaves the cultural expectations and social issues. In our society, women face issues and men also face issues. If you’re reading this from a feminist perspective I hope to expose you to some of the male issues that you may have been kept in the dark about.
    • 80% of suicide victims are male
    • 93% of workplace deaths are male
    • 61% of homeless people are male
    • 84% of women win custody
    • 77% of the victims of violent crime are men
    • 60% of bachelor’s degrees in America are held by women
    • Unmarried, childless women make 8% more than their male counterparts
    • Male prison sentences are on average 68% longer than female sentences
    Being a man in today’s society is not all peaches and cream. Neither is being a woman. Each gender experiences unique struggles as well as advantages. Our society needs to focus on each gender’s problems equally instead of sweeping men’s issues under the assumption that they have it easy because this is simply not true.

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By Liam O'Donoghue

Top 10 Animated Television Series For Adults

Daria Morgendorffer (Image taken from

Everyone who hasn't been living under a rock the past decade has seen Family Guy and The Simpsons at least once while flicking through channels. They are brilliant shows with comedy relevant to today's societal issues, such as politics, territory that many other shows (especially at their time of release) were afraid to. Thanks to them, the adult animation genre has grown significantly over the years, and although they will forever be classics, after over 20 years of watching them, you may become bored. Here is a list of 10 shows of the same genre to enjoy the next time you feel like some colorful characters and relatable jokes.

*Anime will be included on this list as well, however, if you don't particularly enjoy it, there is obviously no obligation to watch it. However, if you've never heard of some of the anime titles and are new to the genre, I highly recommend you give the ones included here a try.

10. Rick And Morty

This show, which began in December of 2013, has certainly gained a massive following over the years, and with good reason. Anyone who has seen the Back To The Future trilogy (or even just the first one for that matter) and enjoyed it will also enjoy this show, as it follows a similar story involving two similar protagonists. The plot revolves around the Smith family, a pretty typical family which consists of two parents and two teenage kids, as well as an eccentric mad scientist of a grandfather who is residing with them. The adventures span over various different dimensions and universes, so every episode is a completely unique experience like no other show on this list. The third season concluded in October, so now would be the perfect time to catch up, before the fourth season comes out.

9. Bob's Burgers

Another show that has garnered an incredible fanbase over the years, Bob's Burger's is another cartoon that people believe will become one of the only adult animation classics that doesn't belong to Seth Macfarlane's extensive resume. People were hooked from the beginning- the series premiere drew in 9.39 million viewers, making it the highest-rated series premiere of the season. It follows the Belcher family, who runs a burger joint on Ocean Avenue in an unnamed seaside community. It mainly focuses on the struggles of running a business as well as caring for a family of 3 quirky children. Comedy ensues, and although the premise for the show sounds pretty simple, the family sometimes ends up in some wacky situations that make for good laughs.

8. Futurama

Another show heavily influenced by science fiction, Futurama was created by none other than Matt Groening, the legendary creator of The Simpsons. This alone should be indicative of its quality, but if you aren't convinced yet, allow me to give you a short summary of its premise: A 20th century pizza delivery boy unknowingly gets cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, and after waking up in the 31st century, obtains a job at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company. With a relatable protagonist and cast of characters, all with truly unique backstories, Futurama is a show almost anyone can enjoy.

7. Robot Chicken

One of the ultimate parody shows, Robot Chicken is responsible for butchering many a childhood memory in the best way possible. While there isn't a particular storyline to the series, it has various stop-motion skits and short sketches that usually incorporate pop culture references to everything from popular kids' cartoons to more obscure, older shows. Of course, it may not be for you, but if you're in the mood for a comedy that doesn't require you to think too much, you should certainly check it out.

6. Death Note

One of the shows on this list that hails from Japan, and therefore uses the anime art style, Death Note has been considered a masterpiece by anime fans and non-anime fans alike. It poses many philosophical and ethical questions regarding morals and justice, all while entrancing viewers in its intriguing storyline. When Light Yagami finds a Death Note, a book with the power to kill the individuals whose names are written on its pages, we witness his deterioration from a teenager seeking justice to a demented, power-hungry killer. On the other hand, we have the eccentric detective prodigy known only as L, who is intent on capturing the culprit behind the sudden influx of murders. It is similar to live crime dramas, but with an added supernatural element, and the constant battle of wits between the two genius protagonists is guaranteed to keep you captivated until the very end. Also, if you've seen the Netflix remake and hated it, don't worry, the animated series is much better and almost shares no similarities. It's a wonder both versions are even allowed to share the same title.

5. Mike Tyson Mysteries

Have you ever wanted to see a Scooby-doo type show involving wrestling champion Mike Tyson, a talking pigeon, the ghost of a dapper British man, and a clever Asian girl? Then one, what drugs have you been doing lately? And two, you happen to be in luck. Mike Tyson Mysteries follows that exact cast of characters while they go on to solve mysteries involving supernatural creatures and crime. It is a hilarious parody of the teen detective trope. It is a Netflix exclusive, so hopefully, you have access to the streaming service to watch this hidden gem. *Fun fact, although the presence of a pigeon seems as random as the rest of the characters alongside Tyson, it was actually added in as a nod to Mike Tyson's side hobby: breeding pigeons.

4. Hellsing Ultimate

I'll warn you straight off the bat, this show is the goriest on this list, and one of the goriest anime shows of all time. So if you're squeamish about blood and guts, this show is definitely not for you, skip it. However, if you don't mind this type of content, then you're in for a treat. Hellsing Ultimate follows Integra Windgates Fairbrook Hellsing (what a mouthful), the head of the Hellsing family and organization, who is responsible for defending Great Britain against all supernatural, satanic, and extraterrestrial threats. Ironically, her army includes vampires under her command, all of which are incredibly powerful. When an organization of Neo-Nazis poses a threat to the country, it is up to Hellsing to defeat them, and this ultimately culminates in a war of epic proportions.

3. Detroit Metal City

Ah, show business, there's nothing like it. It can change a person, either for the better or for worse- usually for the worse though. And this is the case in this comedy anime series, in which Soichi Negishi's life is flipped upside down by his career. Passionate about playing folk music on his guitar, and dreaming of someday becoming famous for his love songs, Soichi leads a double life due to a record contract. By day, he's performing his hand-written love songs, doing what he loves. By night, he's performing in Detroit Metal City, a famous heavy metal group. Although he doesn't particularly live a "metal" lifestyle, much to his manager's and bandmates' dismay, he manages to pull off the guise of a satanic shock rocker to make his money. However, after meeting an old girlfriend from college with similar interests as him, who he ends up falling for, he feels the need to hide his devilish side- which is difficult, considering he wants to integrate her into his personal life, a large part of which is pretending to be a demon who plays the guitar and sings screamo like no other. The show itself is very short, so it's easy to binge watch and provides lots of laughs throughout.

2. Invader Zim

Although Invader Zim was for a time shown on Nickelodeon, implying it was aimed at younger audiences (between 11 and 15 years old, presumably), it was pulled from the network due to low ratings and a plethora of production issues. However, it is considered a cult classic nowadays, and despite its cancellation, during its run, it won an Annie Award, an Emmy Award, and a World Animation Celebration Award, and was nominated for six Annie Awards and a Golden Reel Award. The plot is quite complex, but to summarize it quickly, it's about an alien who gets banished from his native planet and ends up on planet Earth. There, he attempts to infiltrate the human race by blending into everyday environments such as school. Although it doesn't have any dirty jokes or particular reasons for being considered an "adult" cartoon- it wasn't one, to begin with, anyway- it certainly appeals more to an older audience, with its interesting and unique storyline.

1. Daria

Whether you were a misunderstood, angsty teenager, or you are now a misunderstood, angsty adult, this is a show you're going to enjoy. Not only is the show full of sharp and witty humor, relatable quotes, and interesting episodes, the protagonist, Daria Morgendorffer, is one of the greatest female protagonists of all time, in my opinion. While I am no feminist, I certainly agree that women and girls should learn to be independent and not rely on anyone, men or otherwise, and Daria is inspiring because she also has that attitude. She is also inspiring to misfits in general, even if they aren't female, by acting as her unconventional self without caring what anyone else thinks. She has her flaws, certainly, and goes through things many other teenage girls go through but refuses to let that change her. If you have ever been to high school (or currently are enrolled in high school), you'll find the characters surrounding Daria very similar to real life high schoolers, and although some are annoying at times, you'll come to love them too in the end. Overall, Daria is a must-watch, although it does take a certain sense of humor to fully appreciate.

By Jade Sherry