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Google Play Books Possibly Getting Audiobooks

Book (Pixabay) 

The Google-supported service known as Google Play Books that have been around for the last eight years ago, on December 6, 2010. The service is rumored to be getting audiobooks. This is an important update that Google needs to do if they want to expand their market even more. We don't know when this is going to get released but it could be pretty soon.

If your fast and you enjoy audiobooks, you might be able to snag yourself a decent discount on some of the audiobooks.

Currently, you can get some odd version of an audiobook within the book your reading. However, it honestly doesn't sound that good because it's essentially just a text to speech service. It's known as the "Read Aloud" option, it can be enabled through your books settings. It must also be noted that another setting also called More Natual reading voice. This by the name of it seems to be mean that it sounds more like a person, rather than a robot.

There also seems to be a banner in the Google Play Store. This was first spotted by who mentioned that the links just ended in 404s. A 404 is something that pops up when a page or internet address can't be reached.

This is an important move on Google's part. If they go through with this, it can certainly expand their market on Google Play Books. It's a way to compete with their competitors who seem to be thinking about audiobook implementation or have already done it. If done, this can draw more attention to Google Play Books and enable anyone to buy a book and listen to it. Google's advantage is that they're enabling the user to not have to download an app to listen to their favorite books. Android phones already come with Google Play, since the audiobook service is going to be located right inside there, it's going to be easy to find and use. That's a good advantage on Google's part.

We, unfortunately, don't know when Google is going enable this feature. It's the waiting game, right now we need to wait and see what happens with the entire service. Surely when it comes out it will be something that many of us use and love dearly. We do know since a banner was seen that it might be released soon.

By Michael Normandin

Hawaii False Emergency Alert For Ballistic Missile

Hawaii (Pixabay)

Citizens in Hawaii had quite the scare when they were told that a ballistic missile had been launched toward them. Turns out, it wasn't true and thank goodness it wasn't.

On Saturday morning around 8 A.M, people got notifications on their phones, televisions and even heard sirens letting them know that a missile had been launched toward them.

It must be noted that this is standard procedure since the notifications would give some people enough time to get to cover and possibly survive the attack.


The alert ended very quickly once it was clear that no missile was launched toward Hawaii. The Hawaii EMA (Hawaii Emergency Management Agency) even Tweeted out that there was no missile threat.

The false alarm will surely be looked into to attempt to prevent another false alert situation in the future.

False alarms can occur both my system errors and by humans. In this particular case, we're not sure as to who or what caused the false alert to go out. On a good note, at least everything seemed to be working fine with the actual distribution of the alert info to the citizens.

By Michael Normandin

There's New Info On The Strange Radio Bursts From Space

Radio Telescope (Pixabay)

There seems to be new information on the strange radio bursts from space that have fascinated the world for a decent while. The radio bursts are known as FRBs (Fast radio bursts.)

Scientist now believes that the strange radio bursts that mystified the thought of life beyond earth may have been a dead star. The start could have had a very powerful magnetic field which resulted in the radio bursts.

These radio bursts caused quite the stir among people who heard about them happening. Some people thought that it could have been extraterrestrials trying to contact our planet or it could have been massive planets or black holes. However, the current thought is that it could be a dead star.

Daniele Michilli, who's  a co-author from the University of Amsterdam said: "The only sources in the Milky Way that are twisted as much as FRB121102 are in the galactic center, which is a dynamic region near a massive black hole. Maybe FRB121102 is in a similar environment in its host galaxy,"

The "twisting" refers to what researchers believe has to do with the polarisation of radio waves. The radio waves get twisted when they pass through an area with a magnetic field. This is known as the  Faraday rotation.

"However, the twisting of the radio bursts could also be explained if the source is located in a powerful nebula or supernova remnant," he mentioned.

This is certainly a logical explanation for the radio bursts and finally give somewhat of an answer towards what they actually are and where they came from.

Scientists from the journal Nature explained how it might have come from a star.

by Michael Normandin

Netflix's THE END OF THE F****ING WORLD Is Awesome

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Most shows are considered bad because they don't manage to keep the viewer's attention. However, Netflix seems to have found something that's really good.

The show called THE END OF THE F****ING WORLD. The show is new with only one season out at the moment on Netflix.  It also only has eight episodes at the time of writing this but has potential to get more since it seems to be popular. Its genres are drama, and comedy.

This show follows two British teens in their adventures around the country after deciding that they want to get out of their piece of crap town. The teens also dislike their families and don't care for anyone around them since everyone just does the same thing.

The two main characters are known as Alyssa and James. Alyssa seems to be a young teenage rebel who wants to explore the world and get to do things her way and learn hands on what she enjoys and what she doesn't enjoy. She also has no filter for her opinions and doesn't care what people think of her that much. James, on the other hand, is more subtle. He's usually quite and enjoys school because "it's a good place for observation and selection." He has some form of a filter and prefers to sit back and watch things happen instead of causing them or changing them.

The overall show makes you feel like everything's a Bonnie and Clyde moment but doesn't fear of kicking, in reality, every now and then.

The show manages to keep the viewer's attention without making any scenes feel forced. This show has a story that when mixed with good performances and wonderful writing keeps the viewer engaged and interested.

Personally, I enjoy the show because I love comedy. I feel the show is good and keeps me entertained with the various situations that two main characters find themselves in. In my opinion, it's worth a watch.

By Michael Normandin

Plastic Bags Are Finally Banned In Montreal

Traditional plastic shopping bag (pixabay)

Those plastic bags that were so common several years ago are no longer allowed to be sold in Montreal as a ban in now in effect. The law that put this into effect is known as, by-law 16-051. The bylaw prevents the distribution of traditional shopping bags.

As many of us recall, the plastic bag that our parents often used to carry home groceries or carrying the bags into our homes for our parents. These bags could be used for more than just carrying groceries. Some people used them when they ran out of garbage bags, others used it as a way to pack clothes to give to the needy. However, the ban is being done for the greater good of the environment, which is important.

The environment can be heavily impacted by the use of plastic bags, especially when they're not recycled and just tossed out somewhere.   Some of the reasons this ban is important are that countless lives of animals have been cut short due to plastic bag ingestion and entanglement. Not to mention that just having plastic bags lying around isn't that good since it both makes nature look like crap and are just toxic to the environment. Plastic bags are made up of oils that are broken down over time, the time it takes to degrade can be very long, possibly decades or even longer.

Montreal has banned plastic bags for the environmental risks. The ban also supposedly includes biodegradable, Oxo-degradable, oxo-fragmentable.

What this means for businesses is that they need to stop handing out plastic bags. Now keep in mind they do have a six month grace period to adapt to the ban entirely. This means that they'll need to figure out the changes that they're going to make in the stores before June 5th. Once that date comes, they can start getting fined for not following the law.

By Michael Normandin