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Google Play Books Possibly Getting Audiobooks

Book (Pixabay) 

The Google-supported service known as Google Play Books that have been around for the last eight years ago, on December 6, 2010. The service is rumored to be getting audiobooks. This is an important update that Google needs to do if they want to expand their market even more. We don't know when this is going to get released but it could be pretty soon.

If your fast and you enjoy audiobooks, you might be able to snag yourself a decent discount on some of the audiobooks.

Currently, you can get some odd version of an audiobook within the book your reading. However, it honestly doesn't sound that good because it's essentially just a text to speech service. It's known as the "Read Aloud" option, it can be enabled through your books settings. It must also be noted that another setting also called More Natual reading voice. This by the name of it seems to be mean that it sounds more like a person, rather than a robot.

There also seems to be a banner in the Google Play Store. This was first spotted by who mentioned that the links just ended in 404s. A 404 is something that pops up when a page or internet address can't be reached.

This is an important move on Google's part. If they go through with this, it can certainly expand their market on Google Play Books. It's a way to compete with their competitors who seem to be thinking about audiobook implementation or have already done it. If done, this can draw more attention to Google Play Books and enable anyone to buy a book and listen to it. Google's advantage is that they're enabling the user to not have to download an app to listen to their favorite books. Android phones already come with Google Play, since the audiobook service is going to be located right inside there, it's going to be easy to find and use. That's a good advantage on Google's part.

We, unfortunately, don't know when Google is going enable this feature. It's the waiting game, right now we need to wait and see what happens with the entire service. Surely when it comes out it will be something that many of us use and love dearly. We do know since a banner was seen that it might be released soon.

By Michael Normandin

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