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Plastic Bags Are Finally Banned In Montreal

Traditional plastic shopping bag (pixabay)

Those plastic bags that were so common several years ago are no longer allowed to be sold in Montreal as a ban in now in effect. The law that put this into effect is known as, by-law 16-051. The bylaw prevents the distribution of traditional shopping bags.

As many of us recall, the plastic bag that our parents often used to carry home groceries or carrying the bags into our homes for our parents. These bags could be used for more than just carrying groceries. Some people used them when they ran out of garbage bags, others used it as a way to pack clothes to give to the needy. However, the ban is being done for the greater good of the environment, which is important.

The environment can be heavily impacted by the use of plastic bags, especially when they're not recycled and just tossed out somewhere.   Some of the reasons this ban is important are that countless lives of animals have been cut short due to plastic bag ingestion and entanglement. Not to mention that just having plastic bags lying around isn't that good since it both makes nature look like crap and are just toxic to the environment. Plastic bags are made up of oils that are broken down over time, the time it takes to degrade can be very long, possibly decades or even longer.

Montreal has banned plastic bags for the environmental risks. The ban also supposedly includes biodegradable, Oxo-degradable, oxo-fragmentable.

What this means for businesses is that they need to stop handing out plastic bags. Now keep in mind they do have a six month grace period to adapt to the ban entirely. This means that they'll need to figure out the changes that they're going to make in the stores before June 5th. Once that date comes, they can start getting fined for not following the law.

By Michael Normandin

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