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There's New Info On The Strange Radio Bursts From Space

Radio Telescope (Pixabay)

There seems to be new information on the strange radio bursts from space that have fascinated the world for a decent while. The radio bursts are known as FRBs (Fast radio bursts.)

Scientist now believes that the strange radio bursts that mystified the thought of life beyond earth may have been a dead star. The start could have had a very powerful magnetic field which resulted in the radio bursts.

These radio bursts caused quite the stir among people who heard about them happening. Some people thought that it could have been extraterrestrials trying to contact our planet or it could have been massive planets or black holes. However, the current thought is that it could be a dead star.

Daniele Michilli, who's  a co-author from the University of Amsterdam said: "The only sources in the Milky Way that are twisted as much as FRB121102 are in the galactic center, which is a dynamic region near a massive black hole. Maybe FRB121102 is in a similar environment in its host galaxy,"

The "twisting" refers to what researchers believe has to do with the polarisation of radio waves. The radio waves get twisted when they pass through an area with a magnetic field. This is known as the  Faraday rotation.

"However, the twisting of the radio bursts could also be explained if the source is located in a powerful nebula or supernova remnant," he mentioned.

This is certainly a logical explanation for the radio bursts and finally give somewhat of an answer towards what they actually are and where they came from.

Scientists from the journal Nature explained how it might have come from a star.

by Michael Normandin

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