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Cape Town Is Running Out Of Water

Cape Town (Pixabay)

The South African city of Cape Town is running out of the water. This isn't something that's going to happen in the far future but rather is going down now. Day Zero is being called the day when the taps get turned off. The important thing to wonder is what's going to happen when the water does run out because the city is on the very close to having none.

It's estimated that the city is going to run out of water around March of 2018. If the predictions are correct, there will be little to no water left for the millions of people left in the city. This situation is truly something that is usually seen in movies and also something that so few people ever actually think about.

According to most of the precipitation for South Africa is received during the South African monsoon. Cape Town gets most of its precipitation in June,  July, and August. This is due to its coastal positioning.

Cape Town, however, did get some much-needed moisture in November of 2017. This didn't seem to help a whole lot since the situation is extremely bad at the current time.

Cape Town officials are trying to prevent the dreaded Day Zero from happening. Water limitations are already in place. Citizens are allowed to use twenty-three gallons of water or less. That's not a lot of water, even with that amount you'll need to ration out your consumption heavily. You want it to last long enough until you can get more water. It's going to be difficult for residents to find that sweet spot of consumption and rationing.

It's said that if Day Zero does arrive residents will need to line up for even less water. It's said that they'll get seven gallons per person, per day.

Some concerns that might an increase in crime. Will people that have already used their daily limit try to take more than they're given? It might happen but it's all about the sweet spot between consumption and rationing. Illness will spread if Day Zero does happen. Since there's less water, people can't clean themselves as often. You might not be able to take that daily shower and wash your hands every few hours.

By Michael Normandin

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