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Guest Post: Why I Hated Rose From Star Wars

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It must be dearly noted that the writer's opinions may not be what we believe. This is a guest post and we're not responsible for it, we read it and think that it's okay to have on the site. We hope you enjoy her opinion piece on this topic. She also did not want to be named when it came to her last name. Her opinions are hers and we just thought it would be nice to mix up the articles with a guest post. There might also be spoilers, so keep that in mind.

Okay, so I'm a little surprised. I went into the star was the movie not expecting much of anything, I was pretty neutral about it overall. I had watched the previous star was movies and thought they were okay. Nothing I ever was a huge fan. However, when the 7th Star Wars movie came out I was excited to give it a go. And I was generally okay with it, again nothing amazed me but it still kept my interest enough to me to agree to go to the second one. The movie started out sort of like the last one, it was pretty okay and I actually started to get into it. Or at least that was until she came.
Rose, I really hated her.

 Hate is a strong word. And I might be being a little dramatic, but I just did. She was so boring and bland and I either practically fell asleep during her scenes or rolled my eyes. Everything she said, every word that came out of her mouth just irked me. Now there were a couple other characters I also thought were stupid or unnecessary, but none pissed me off as much as Rose. From the very beginning, It seemed like writers thought all they needed to do in order to make her interesting and likable was give her some shitty 'sad' backstory as if that would fix her character as a whole! Surprise, It didn't. In fact, she distracted from others in the process, namely fin. Fin was one of the most enjoyable characters in the Force Awakens, even so, I was really disappointed when they added Rose into the mix and she started to detract from his character. She always seemed to be the one going on about something while Fin sorta just stood there. It was rather annoying.

On top of it, they had no chemistry. In Fact when they kissed I was really caught off guard. Because of how odd and inappropriate the kiss was. There was no build up to anything romantic between them. It was completely out of left field! Plus what would Fin even gain through this relationship? Because everyone could see him getting out of this was some shitty pipe cleaner girl who had zero experience in this line of work yet felt the need to lecture him on everything. What the hell?

Not only that, but she wasn't even attractive, dare I say she was actually ugly. Nothing against the actor, who cleans up pretty nice and I'm sure is a pleasant lady. But considering the bland character she was given, I don't see how Fin could have wanted her. unless she was smoking hot. But she wasn't. She was ugly! So I ask myself, why the would Fin want her when he could clearly do better? Especially when they literally met only hours ago? It's not like she had an amazing personality or was particularly attractive. To me, it seemed they just wanted to shove her in there just to say they did as well as give Fin a love interest. Because God forbid Fin to be single! Although to be fair it seemed like the affection was coming primarily from Rose's side, and we never really see it reciprocated.

Her most atrocious act of all, however, was near the end of the movie. Now, they all went out on these old clunky ships and began racing towards the enemy fleet who had stationed themselves on the planet where the rebels had taken shelter behind a massive wall.  They were in danger as the first order not only had an army waiting for them but were also preparing to fire out of a canon like an object that was going to break down the barrier between them. Fin, Poe, Rose and some others had gone out on said clunky ships to try and stop them.

Now, this is what really pissed me off and what I ultimately mean when I say she detracted from Fin's character. Fin, who as of yet has done little to nothing for the plot and seemed to be shifting into the background, finally decides to grow some balls and sacrifice himself to save his team. Sure, his death was going to be sad but it would no doubt be one of the best scenes in the movie. Now Rose knowing exactly what to do decided to take one last action before he killed himself. Now, what do you think Rose did?
Did she:
a.) shed a tear
b.) tell him to stop
c.) say nothing and let Poe confess his love to fin
or d.) crash into him
If you guessed d, you win the gold prize of:
crippling disappointment

let me remind you that if he didn't do this as far as everyone else knew, they were all SCREWED AND WOULD ALL DIE, INCLUDING FIN. So what's Rose to do when she sees Fin soaring into the canon in order to blow it up, saving everyone!

Why the only logical thing of course! CRASH INTO HIM.
She risked BOTH of their lives and  DOOMED THE REST OF THE RESISTANCE TO FUCKING DEATH. They all would have died and she did this why? Oh, that's right, so she could MUMBLE SOME BULLSHIT ABOUT NOT SACRIFICING HIMSELF TO FIN, THEN HAVE THE AUDACITY TO KISS HIM? Was that worth it? Of course, Skywalker comes into save the day, but Rose didn't know that. She was essentially giving everyone a death sentence for her own selfish purposes.

What frustrates me, even more, is that there were so many options they could have taken! They could have paired Fin up with literally anyone else and they probably would have had better chemistry than him and Rose. Anyone who had a 5-second interaction with Fin had better chemistry than Rose did with Fin throughout the entire film. Poe and fin would have been a better pairing by FAR! Not to mention it would have been much cuter, meaning Fins death would have hit that much harder. Although Fin didn't even need a love interest. Why couldn't he have stayed single, this is the middle of a war after all. Not exactly the time to be worrying about getting laid.

To recap Rose, or should I say whoever wrote Rose, single-handedly made what could have been a really sad and nobel scene a fucking stupid one. I hope they kill off Rose sooner rather than later because her character is so bland and infuriating. She brought nothing good to this movie and I doubt will in the future.

By Sabrina

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