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Kurds Allegedly Strike Deal With Syrian Army

Photo: Turkish-backed forces from the Free Syrian Army have been moved into the area in preparation for a ground attack. (AP: DHA-Depo Photos)

While the Syrian government has not confirmed anything just yet, Kurdish fighters are saying they've managed to get a deal with the Syrian Army. The deal is supposedly about Syria sending troops to the Kurdish controlled one to aid in repelling a Turkish assault. Turkey supposedly considers the Kurdish fighters as terrorists. This is all happening in Afrin, which is a city in Syria.

Kurdish fighters have said that a deal was struck between them and the Syrian government that's based in Damascus. According to the BBC, the deal was reported by Iraqi Kurdish media group, known as Rudaw.

Now, if a deal like this was to go down the Turkish military would find it much harder to take the city and get rid of the Kurdish fighters that they seem to despise of so much. However, assuming that the deal is real, this could spread the Syrian militaries forces thinner. This would be bad since the war in Syria doesn't seem to be over just yet or anytime soon for that matter. The support, on the other hand, could be a show of support for Kurdish fighters who did in fact help get rid of a lot of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) fighters. It could be a show of appreciation for their efforts in that particular struggle.

According to the BBC, they currently aren't any Syrian fighters in Afrin.

Some of the reasons as to why Turkey might want to go through with this is because they see the Kurds as a terrorist organization. Turkey is trying to get rid of the YPG (People's Protection Units). The reason it wants to do this is that the group is viewed as a part of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party). The PKK has been fighting for Kurdish independence in Turkey for a few decades. Although, it's said that the YPG denies any political or military connections to the PKK.

By Michael Normandin

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