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Ontario Is Trying Out The Universal Basic Income It Can Be Good And Bad

Ontario (Pixabay)

The Universal Basic Income is the idea of providing everyone who qualifies with a basic income to survive on sufficiently. It's being tested in Ontario for people who are living in poverty. ran a poll on the idea and spoke to some people who are receiving the basic income.

According to the poll on, around  61.77%  (1,231  of total votes) are in favor of the universal basic income. What this shows is that of the people asked, most of them seem to care about it. The measure is being tested to see if it should be put in place to help bring people out of poverty. In the described cases it's giving people the tools to do exactly that. Whether it be by allowing a homeless woman loo for an apartment or helping a man not run out of groceries halfway through the month, it looks as if it's helping these test subjects out.

However, not everyone is in favor of the idea. A small percentage of 10.68%  (213 of total votes) are against the idea because they feel their tax dollars should be spent differently.

The percentage of people who actually like the idea of the universal basic income but want to know how it can be paid for sufficiently is  27.55%  (549 of total votes).

you can read their entire article and see the stats (all of our provided stats are numbers as of writing this)  for yourself here

What these results show us is that the Basic Income does in fact, have support from the people.

Canada is not the only place in the world testing out this new idea that could solve a lot of problems financially for citizens. Finland randomly selected 2000 citizens who were unemployed to receive free money, it's tax-free and can be spent any way that they like.

The idea itself is obviously good because it can help students by giving them money for school. This can be done for students who have nothing saved up or are from a poor area where they want to go to school but can't afford it. This can also help people who just keep coming up short for cash, this would allow them to pay their bills on time and prevent them from getting bad credit.

The bad side of a Universal Basic Income would be how it can so easily be abused. If the money can be spent any way they like, they could use it to fuel an addiction to drugs or alcohol. A reasonable concern could be that this can turn into another burden for the tax-payers. If someone is abusing the system, which can happen with any system in existence because of human nature, the tax-payer pays in the end.

Overall, the people seem to support the idea of a Universal Basic Income, it has its pros and cons and has been able to help some people in the testing part before it even gets implemented at all. It can be good if it's done right. It's also being tested in another country such as Finland.

By Michael Normandin

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