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Are We Really Safe Online?

Facebook (pixabay)

We have always had trust in the internet with our data. Up until recently, we were positive whatever we posted or did was secure and encrypted. But as many people are learning, that’s not the case, In fact, that hasn’t been the case since the internet started! From the moment you signed up for Facebook, your personal data was compromised, that time you made a SoundCloud as a joke your data was compromised. Whatever you do online is kept in servers, in lines of code. They are usually poorly encoded and available to anyone who tries hard enough to get it. One example is a few years ago (2015) the Adultery website Ashley Madison was compromised leaving more than 32 Million accounts compromised. All of their "personal details" were put up on Bit Torrent for anyone to see. Source:

Even recently the newest scandal is that Facebook was caught up in because a company that had ties to President Trump's campaign reportedly accessed personal data of over 50 million accounts. Of course, this left Facebook in quite the predicament losing about 7% of its worth in shares which translates to roughly $37 Billion dollars USD. Source:

This leaves everyone questioning what happens with your personal data online. And what's next? Multi-million or even billion dollar companies like can be selling user's personal information to advertisers. That's typically the main source of income for social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, funny enough, that’s why you'll see the same AD's on Facebook as you would on Instagram. Social media has become so widespread that nearly everyone and their Aunt Janine has an account on some sort of platform. Facebook reached a milestone back on June 27th, 2017 1 Billion individual users logged onto their website in 24 hours. That’s 1 Billion possibilities of Data being compromised. In the end, we have little to no say of what happens with our data. So stay safe and don't let too many personal details out.

By Andrew Martins

Officer Who Exchanged Himself For Hostage Dies

Arnaud Beltrame, the policeman who died after being seriously injured during the siege, was praised by Emmanuel Macron Credit:  BOYER Claude

A French police officer who decided to exchange himself in a hostage situation has died. The offer happened in Southern France on Friday during an attack on a supermarket in which an Islamic extremist gunman took hostages before he was killed by police.

Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame, who was 44 years-old was actually one of the first police officers to respond to the attack.

Beltrame gave up his weapon and volunteered himself in exchange for the release of a female hostage. This was an act that has made him a national hero.

French politician Marine Le Pen had a message on her Facebook page that read: "Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame acted as a hero against the enemy, I think of his family, his loved ones, and his sacrifice marking a radical turning point in the fight against the Islamic State."

The French language original read: "Le lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame a agi en héros face à l'ennemi. Je pense à sa famille, à ses proches. Puisse son sacrifice marquer un tournant radical dans la lutte contre l'État islamique."

Beltrame is said to have kept his phone on while inside the supermarket so that the police could hear what was happening inside during the situation. Once officers heard gunshots, the building was stormed.

With the current death of this officer who had serious injuries, the death toll went from three to now four. The gunman is also said to have injured a total of fifteen people.

People were placing flowers to honor Beltrame in front of Gendarmerie headquarters in Carcassone France.

Source,  Global News

By Michael Normandin

Montreal Police Said To Be Going Door To Door To Find Missing Child

Police say 10-year-old Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, who is French-speaking, is Black, has black hair and black eyes and was wearing a black coat with a hood, grey pants and yellow shoes before he disappeared.  (Service de police de la Ville de Montreal / The Canadian Press)

The Montreal police are said to be going door to door to locate the child that has been missing for four days. The child's name is Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou. The police should be going door to door today.

The ten-year-old child was supposed to arrive at a friend's house when he never did. Ariel's father suspects that his boy was abducted, although authorities do not know exactly what happened to him at this time.

The police are still asking anyone with information to come forward and give it to them.

Const. Jean-Pierre Brabant is said to have mentioned that the police force moved their command post to Galerie Normandie, an area where a shopping center is present. It's also a place that Ariel is said to have often come too.

The missing child has black hair, is black and is French-speaking. He was wearing a black coat with a hood, yellow shoes, and grey pants before he went missing.

source: Ottawa Citizen

By Michael Normandin

Students Vandalize Walmart To Protest Guns

                                                    Video from Ian Miles Cheong, YouTube.

While many of the recent student walkouts and protests were peaceful and actually showed the opinions of many students some were not. Everything that goes on in the world is bound to have some bad apples alongside it, this seems to be the case with some students from Chicago. Video evidence shows that around sixty students vandalized a Walmart store to protest guns.

According to, the students are from Simeon Career Academy. The students were supposed to be protesting guns on Wednesday when they ended up trashing a Walmart.

The students who took part in the violence are supposed to face misdemeanor charges and even discipline form their school. This is, of course, going to happen to students that can be identified from the surveillance cameras.

A Chicago Public Schools spokesperson said to Fox 32 Chicago “We are very concerned by these allegations and we are reviewing the matter,”

Overall, the walkouts that went on Wednesday were generally peaceful. This seems to be a case of a few people acting in a mob mentality and being violent.


By Michael Normandin

Bunny Token, The Crypto Coin For The Adult Industry

Bunny Token website (Photo: vanguardnews Michael Normandin)

Bunny Token, it's the cryptocurrency that is extremely unique. It's targeting the adult industry. This coin's focus is to provide a standard payment solution, it also keeps the consumer anonymous by using the blockchain technology.

Bunny Token is all about the adult industry, hence the name "Bunny". A coin like this has potential because it can build off the very obvious fact that a lot of people are worried that people know what porn they watch or what type of sex they enjoy. A coin dedicated to the adult industry has the ability to help reduce that worry.

The Bunny Token has the tools available to keep people anonymous and It can enable people to buy the content they want anonymously. It keeps people anonymous through the blockchain technology, it's basically a list of records that are constantly growing, these are known as blocks. The blocks are linked together and are secured by utilizing cryptography. That's why Bunny Token has the power, they can keep people secure, and anonymous with this technology.

So far, Bunny Token is in presale but the apparently the private presale is sold out. However, the Pre-ITS starts in two days. You can buy some Bunny Token in Ethereum (ETH) by going to their website and joining the token sale. The website also states that its goal is to reach 7000 ETH, it's currently at 5000 ETH.

This coin certainly has the potential for the market that it's targeting. It seems to be trying to solve worries of anonymity for consumers of the content or products and provides a secure manner of paying, that can benefit both the producers and the consumers.

By Michael Normandin

This Video Should Have Been Aired On TV

       Video from Grunt Style YouTube channel, it was embedded onto our site for this article.

This video while short is very powerful, it's powerful because of the way it's filmed, the point of view it shows, and makes the viewer think about the protests that happen and what it might make police officers, former military members, and patriotic alike feel. The video was posted by Grunt Style, a company that delivers a lot of high quality and patriotic apparel. It must also be noted that the description of the video does inform us about what's happening a little bit but we felt we could go a little deeper.

The video starts off by showing the viewer that a protest is happening. The viewer has no idea what it's about, but it's possible that it's about police brutality since there are signs that say "Police = Fascism," "Stop Letha Force," and "Burn It Down!" This indicates that this protest could be over a number of different things from wrongful killing, the police presence itself, or both. It can also be much more than just those examples.

The main focus is a police officer. He seems to be in riot gear, this is indicated by the helmet that he's wearing. This officer is also wearing protective goggles. While this scene is happening a protester decides to douse the flag of the United States in some form of flammable liquid, most likely lighter fluid. The viewer does see the protester douse the flag in the liquid, however, the most important part is when the flag is set on fire, the viewer sees it through the reflection in the officer's protective glasses. This almost immediately informs the spectator that this ad is going to focus more on the officer's point of view.

Several things then happen very quickly, the officer seems to be remembering everything related to the U.S flag that's being burned in front of him.

Spectators are brought through a backward timeline, this goes through the police officer's life. It begins with him being accepted as an officer then the watcher sees that he's a veteran and was saluting a fallen soldier.

the video then goes to him as a football player and possibly listening to the national anthem before one of his games, at this time he's looking at the flag once again.

The second last scene is him as a child watching television. What he's watching is the U.S flag once again being raised over ground zero.

The video then ends with him preparing for the now rioters to charge him, of which they do but the video ends before we see what happens.

During the entire ad, there's a girl singing in a soft and slow manner. What this does is drives connections to the viewer and can make some people emotional.

This ad could have done so much for the perspective of things. Everyone often hears the perspective of the protesters expressing their right to protest. However, when someone decides to burn a flag, the flag that helps hold up the right to protest in front of someone who's a veteran and loves that flag, it creates disparity. It manages to make someone not want to support a protest.

Often no one really gets to see what the officer might be thinking when a protest is happening. This is because they should be impartial and be doing their job. This video has done so well because of the impact and way it makes people think.

Unfortunately, the video never aired on television or was even an "official" ad. Grunt Style even mentioned in the description of the video that they "weren't denied or rejected by anyone." They go on to say that " In the end, we just couldn't take the big money risk."

Overall, the ad is powerful and informative when you take the time to break it down deeply.  It shows a perspective that isn't always looked at because of the context and the jobs that police officers have.

By Michael Normandin

The Top 10 Most Bizarre YouTube Channels

Photo of the Youtube website loaded up on a PC screen (vanguardnews - Michael Normandin) 

Since its creation, YouTube has allowed many individuals to share their ideas and hobbies, and for some, even gain international fame. However, when a site such as YouTube allows just anyone to post content, even with strict regulations, some obscure, odd content can be found on the site, and it's not all bad, it can truly fascinate someone and make them want to watch more. The following are some channels where you can find and watch these particular videos.

10. David Firth

Whether you realize it or not, you are likely already familiar with David Firth's work, for he is the mind behind the extremely popular "Salad Fingers" series. In case you've been living under a rock for the past twenty years and haven't seen it, it is a series that revolves around the titular character, a green man with abnormally long fingers living in a post-apocalyptic universe. It is quite the experience because, despite its unsettling nature, there are some points where you almost feel like laughing, albeit nervously and without much enthusiasm. Firth's other videos have a similar art style and film style, with many having little plot, allowing viewers to interpret his content however they see fit. "Dog Of Man" and "Cream" are two of his most popular uploads, aside from "Salad Fingers". If you are a fan of Tim Burton, as well as shock art, this YouTube channel will certainly be a treat for you.

9. Miss Shaye St.John or Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic

Although these are two separate channels, they have very similar content and are possibly run by the same person/group of people. Miss Shaye Saint John, as well as Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic, feature videos of a deformed mannequin type person, named Shaye Saint John. However, the latter also includes other random videos, many which are very disturbing. If you've seen the video "Hand Thing", you are familiar with these types of videos- bizarre, creepy, and to some, perhaps funny. I personally found "Hand Thing" hysterical, but couldn't stand some of his other videos, such as "Kitty Candy". It's really a matter of personal preference. However, if you become a real fan of this channel for some reason, there is a website as well, called Shaye Saint, so you can take your love of the strange to the next level.

8. Poppy

Poppy is your typical teen pop star, who actually creates some pretty catchy songs. Except, well, she ISN'T typical. The entire channel is surrounded with conspiracy theories, and it's easy to see why. Most of her videos are short and feature her staring hollowly into the camera, doing questionable, random things. In one, she talks to a black skull, and in another, she talks about her fun trip to Japan, before hurriedly telling the viewer not to let "them" know she's there. Upon closer examination, her videos seem deeply symbolic, though, of the life behind famous stars and the control higher-ups hold upon them. If you are looking for an interesting and disturbing insight into fame, Poppy is a very interesting channel to watch.

7. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Home to arguably the creepiest video series on YouTube, "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" is, like Poppy, surrounded by conspiracies and seems to have a deep meaning behind its content. The videos all feature the same 3 puppet characters and parody children's' educational shows such as Sesame Street. The first, which is the most popular and was uploaded 6 years ago, feature these characters sitting around a table and being taught how to be "creative" by a talking notebook. At first, it seems fairly simple and lighthearted but soon takes a dark turn, as the notebook shuts down any ideas the puppets have. The other videos follow a similar formula and seem to be continuations to the first video. Although the videos seem almost psychedelic, some theorists believe that they are representative of the programming MK Ultra victims experienced, due to certain symbols present in the videos. If you have some free time, watch them and try to figure it out yourself.

6. Seinfeldspitstain

Seinfeldspitstain's most popular video to date is "Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour", and if you have seen that video, you know the dodgy animation style, robotic voices, and overall bizarre feel the video had throughout. His other videos all feature the same "unique" animation style, and usually have subject matter that makes little sense, but is unsettling nonetheless. Another aspect worth noting is that the majority of his videos feature well-known characters from kids' cartoons, such as Spongebob, and unsurprisingly, a plethora of Jimmy Neutron characters. If you choose to watch these for yourself, just be sure to expect the unexpected, because anything is possible in Seinfeldspitstain's videos.

5. MonKenKen

A recent trend on YouTube has been channels that upload obscure videos directed toward kids, that feature content that is far from kid-friendly. Even adults find this content disturbing, and are usually even more unsettled by the fact that their children could be subject to these horrific videos simply by searching up their favourite characters, since the videos have names that can easily be connected to those tags, even if the names don't make much sense or have nothing to do with the content of the videos (such as, for example, Elsa Baby Spiderman Nursery Rhymes Funny). They include toy unboxings, cartoons, and live actions skits, all with a similar feel to them. This particular channel is one of many, so while it certainly isn't the only channel like this out there, it is certainly bizarre. One of their recent videos features a live-action skit of a young boy waking up being attacked by a toy tarantula, and although it is shoddily made and may be comical to older audiences, the idea of waking up with a tarantula on your face is certainly freaky to any young kids who may be watching.

4. Mamma Kangaroo Play-Doh Videos & Disney Toys

Like the last one, this is one of those channels that is seemingly aimed at children that features unsettling content. By the name, it probably sounds like a great channel for little ones, but it is anything but. A vast majority of their videos feature Baby Alive Dolls getting into questionable situations, even getting injured in a fairly graphic manner, or having syringes inject fluids into them. All kinds of nope.


A film project of sorts that began in 2000, EVERYTHINGISTERRIBLE is a channel created by a group of people who cut and splice old VHS tapes to create completely different, usually extremely strange videos. One of the most popular of these videos, which has amassed over 4 million views, is entitled "So Your Cat Wants A Massage?", an "instructional" video about how to give your cat a massage. They have a dedicated following and are still very involved in the project, uploading once in a while, maintaining a website (Everything is Terrible!.com), and even making live appearances. Among these achievements, they have also released a few DVDs, including "What A Great Crowd" (released in 2013) and "Everything is Terrible! The Movie" (released in 2009).

2. Nana825763

Nana825763 is a channel created by a Japanese animator, who mostly remains anonymous but has gone on record before saying that he is greatly inspired by the Silent Hill franchise. This alone should raise a few red flags, or at least arouse some intrigue within you, depending on the type of person you are, as well as give you an idea of the kind of content you will be subject to. However, not all of his videos are gory and disturbing, some are just plain bizarre- much of his videos are actually vlog type content documenting the lives of his ants.

1. Smilewithme

Although I tried not to make this list follow a particular order, I will admit that this channel, at least in my opinion, beats out all the others by a long shot when it comes to being strange, disturbing, and mysterious. There are only 11 videos on the channel, all of which are so cryptic and don't have any discernible meaning, just eerie imagery and occasional text across the screen. Those who have seen the videos have a tendency to believe that the channel is all centered around an alternate reality game or an eccentric art project. Either way, explaining it with words is pretty difficult, so I suggest you watch a few videos yourself and make your own judgment.

By Jade Sherry

Russian Transport Plane Crashed In Syria

Taken from

A Russian aircraft that was carrying people seems to have crashed. It was carrying a total of thirty-nine people. It was a transport plane and seems to have crashed while trying to land in Syria.

The Russian plane was an Antonov An-26. It's a twin-engine aircraft and was developed by the Soviet Union.

It's said that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin has been briefed on the situation. Putin was briefed on it by Sergei Shoigu, who is the Defence Minister of Russia.

The aircraft was trying to land at Hmeimin air base in Syria when something went wrong. The plane is said to have come down around five-hundred meters short of the runway.

The crash is being investigated and Russia's Investigative Committee as supposedly launched a criminal case over the incident.

The ministry had ruled out the possibility of it being shot down and that some data suggests that it may have been a technical error that leads to this happening. Although Radio Free Europe, a rebel group that's against the leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has claimed to have shot down the plane. The group is known as Jaish al-Islam.

If the plane was actually shot down, then it could be in retaliation to Russia providing support to the Assad government during the brutal civil war that has been going on for over six years.

The support that Russia has been giving the Assad government has not gone without protest in other countries. Some individuals feel that Russia is flexing its muscles in the Middle East. Others feel that statement is hypocritical if the individual is okay with their own government giving support in the Middle East indirectly.

By Michael Normandin

Chateauguay Getting A Cannabis Committee

Marijuana Plant (Pixabay) 

The city of Chateauguay is supposedly getting a Cannabis Committee. This is being done so that the city is prepared for the legalization of Marijuana (also known as Pot, Weed, and Cannabis).

The creation of this cannabis committee is going to provide a reliable way of managing and keeping track of the effects of legal weed. It might be able to make sure that no one in the city is driving high or selling the weed to people under the legal age of consumption. Officially, the committee is supposed to analyze both provincial and federal legislation as well as the impact of it.

"The Cannabis Committee will be jointly chaired by Lucie Laberge and Eric Allard, Counsellors of Districts 4 and 7, respectively. The committee will also enlist representative of Chateauguay's Maison des Jeunes and the police force, as well as three citizens." Said a message in the Chateauguay Magazine for March.

What the city wants to do is basically ensure that an essential basis is being put into place properly and that it's not being abused.

The overall creation of a committee for a purpose like this one is good and bad.  It can be beneficial for the city to measure the impact of consumption in public areas. This would allow the city to make sure that no one is smoking Marijuana in a public area or next to a bunch of high schoolers. However, some citizens might feel that there could end up being to much control with their weed.

Overall, this is an interesting take on keeping track of some of the aspects of cannabis legalization.

By Michael Normandin

New Theory For The Creation Of Our Moon

Moon (Pixabay)

A new theory has come out of the creation of our moon. It's been widely accepted that the moon was created when a Mars-sized object hit the earth, what remained after that impact is what we now call our moon. New information from a study that was conducted by Harvard researchers gives everyone a new way of looking at the theories.

Simon Lock who graduated from Harvard is behind the research. According to Tunis Daily News (, He mentioned that the theory that's currently accepted doesn't make much sense because of the extremely specific conditions needed to actually create the moon.

Simon Lock said: “Getting enough mass into orbit in the canonical scenario is actually very difficult, and there’s a very narrow range of collisions that might be able to do it,”

“There’s only a couple of degree window of impact angles and a very narrow range of sizes…and even then some impacts still don’t work.”

The study explains how it's likely that the Earth and our beloved moon formed from a cloud of vaporized rock.

According to Tech Times (, the research stated: "Once the Earth-synestia formed, chunks of molten rock injected into orbit during the impact formed the seed for the Moon. Vaporized silicate rock condensed at the surface of the synestia and rained onto the proto-Moon, while the Earth-synestia itself gradually shrank."

What this means for the science community is that they can look into and use a new theory that answers some questions that may not have been able to be answered beforehand.

However, while this study gives answers and can definitely help out the science community with research into our moon and why it orbits us, it may need some more improvements. This is something that's done to ensure the best of information gets to everyone who wants and needs it. This seems to be why Simon Lock and his colleagues will continue to tune their model and test out this new theory.

By Michael Normandin

Follow Up On Why Howard S. Billings High School Can't Get To Every Student

Howard S Billings (Photo: Faith Bandy) 

While our recent article on Howard S Billings High School does shed light on some of the realities of the school, such as some students finding it difficult to speak up or get a guidance appointment honored. The overall reasons as to why some of these issues might be going on are rather simple, budgets don't often allow for a lot of help to go through and there could very well be some priorities that must come first over other students. These issues can result in the school being stretched out thinly for resources.

If you'd like to read our article addressing these issues you can do so here:

So one of the realities that are faced by many schools and this includes Billings, is budgets. There very well could be some budget constraints faced by the school. This boils down to the government giving less money to schools which can result in less staff being hired, and fewer hours for resources like the guidance departments to be run. If the school board can't provide the money to have guidance operating under a dual guidance counselor concept (this would be two guidance counselors working full time) then obviously the work needs to be split up between them. This could very well be the case at Billings where there is in fact, two guidance counselors but one of them might work 20% while the other might work 80% of the workload. While It can be difficult to manage a lot of kids with a tight budget, it's not entirely impossible. The guidance department does allow for at lunch appointments and the guidance counselor was available after school on certain days during the week for aid with post-secondary applications and questions. These tools may not have been used by all of the students to a full extent.

Howard S Billings is also trying to take an active role in trying to meet the needs of students who don't feel they have a voice. They do try and push for students to go into student council but that can be limited. The administration is aware of this issue and is open to trying to fix it. A debate club could solve some of the issues with students not feeling as if they have a voice. This would enable students to bring up issues that matter most to them and possibly gain support and then solve said problems. Another solution to this affair could be an appropriate sanction against those in the school who slander students who try to use their voice with terms like "racist" (when it's not a racist opinion), and "sexist" (when it's not a sexist opinion). Some student might be called this or other names because of their difference of opinions or just unpopular opinions and ideas.

The overall ability of the school to solve some of these issues is limited due to a budget that can be heavily controlled by the government. This can result in resources being stretched out, which in this case can be a real possibility. The guidance department was able to meet at lunch and after school to help some kids out. A debate club would help some students get a voice but there would need to be examples made for those who slander students who disagree with them.

By Michael Normandin