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Bunny Token, The Crypto Coin For The Adult Industry

Bunny Token website (Photo: vanguardnews Michael Normandin)

Bunny Token, it's the cryptocurrency that is extremely unique. It's targeting the adult industry. This coin's focus is to provide a standard payment solution, it also keeps the consumer anonymous by using the blockchain technology.

Bunny Token is all about the adult industry, hence the name "Bunny". A coin like this has potential because it can build off the very obvious fact that a lot of people are worried that people know what porn they watch or what type of sex they enjoy. A coin dedicated to the adult industry has the ability to help reduce that worry.

The Bunny Token has the tools available to keep people anonymous and It can enable people to buy the content they want anonymously. It keeps people anonymous through the blockchain technology, it's basically a list of records that are constantly growing, these are known as blocks. The blocks are linked together and are secured by utilizing cryptography. That's why Bunny Token has the power, they can keep people secure, and anonymous with this technology.

So far, Bunny Token is in presale but the apparently the private presale is sold out. However, the Pre-ITS starts in two days. You can buy some Bunny Token in Ethereum (ETH) by going to their website and joining the token sale. The website also states that its goal is to reach 7000 ETH, it's currently at 5000 ETH.

This coin certainly has the potential for the market that it's targeting. It seems to be trying to solve worries of anonymity for consumers of the content or products and provides a secure manner of paying, that can benefit both the producers and the consumers.

By Michael Normandin

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