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Chateauguay Getting A Cannabis Committee

Marijuana Plant (Pixabay) 

The city of Chateauguay is supposedly getting a Cannabis Committee. This is being done so that the city is prepared for the legalization of Marijuana (also known as Pot, Weed, and Cannabis).

The creation of this cannabis committee is going to provide a reliable way of managing and keeping track of the effects of legal weed. It might be able to make sure that no one in the city is driving high or selling the weed to people under the legal age of consumption. Officially, the committee is supposed to analyze both provincial and federal legislation as well as the impact of it.

"The Cannabis Committee will be jointly chaired by Lucie Laberge and Eric Allard, Counsellors of Districts 4 and 7, respectively. The committee will also enlist representative of Chateauguay's Maison des Jeunes and the police force, as well as three citizens." Said a message in the Chateauguay Magazine for March.

What the city wants to do is basically ensure that an essential basis is being put into place properly and that it's not being abused.

The overall creation of a committee for a purpose like this one is good and bad.  It can be beneficial for the city to measure the impact of consumption in public areas. This would allow the city to make sure that no one is smoking Marijuana in a public area or next to a bunch of high schoolers. However, some citizens might feel that there could end up being to much control with their weed.

Overall, this is an interesting take on keeping track of some of the aspects of cannabis legalization.

By Michael Normandin

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