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Are We Really Safe Online?

Facebook (pixabay)

We have always had trust in the internet with our data. Up until recently, we were positive whatever we posted or did was secure and encrypted. But as many people are learning, that’s not the case, In fact, that hasn’t been the case since the internet started! From the moment you signed up for Facebook, your personal data was compromised, that time you made a SoundCloud as a joke your data was compromised. Whatever you do online is kept in servers, in lines of code. They are usually poorly encoded and available to anyone who tries hard enough to get it. One example is a few years ago (2015) the Adultery website Ashley Madison was compromised leaving more than 32 Million accounts compromised. All of their "personal details" were put up on Bit Torrent for anyone to see. Source:

Even recently the newest scandal is that Facebook was caught up in because a company that had ties to President Trump's campaign reportedly accessed personal data of over 50 million accounts. Of course, this left Facebook in quite the predicament losing about 7% of its worth in shares which translates to roughly $37 Billion dollars USD. Source:

This leaves everyone questioning what happens with your personal data online. And what's next? Multi-million or even billion dollar companies like can be selling user's personal information to advertisers. That's typically the main source of income for social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, funny enough, that’s why you'll see the same AD's on Facebook as you would on Instagram. Social media has become so widespread that nearly everyone and their Aunt Janine has an account on some sort of platform. Facebook reached a milestone back on June 27th, 2017 1 Billion individual users logged onto their website in 24 hours. That’s 1 Billion possibilities of Data being compromised. In the end, we have little to no say of what happens with our data. So stay safe and don't let too many personal details out.

By Andrew Martins

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