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Students Vandalize Walmart To Protest Guns

                                                    Video from Ian Miles Cheong, YouTube.

While many of the recent student walkouts and protests were peaceful and actually showed the opinions of many students some were not. Everything that goes on in the world is bound to have some bad apples alongside it, this seems to be the case with some students from Chicago. Video evidence shows that around sixty students vandalized a Walmart store to protest guns.

According to, the students are from Simeon Career Academy. The students were supposed to be protesting guns on Wednesday when they ended up trashing a Walmart.

The students who took part in the violence are supposed to face misdemeanor charges and even discipline form their school. This is, of course, going to happen to students that can be identified from the surveillance cameras.

A Chicago Public Schools spokesperson said to Fox 32 Chicago “We are very concerned by these allegations and we are reviewing the matter,”

Overall, the walkouts that went on Wednesday were generally peaceful. This seems to be a case of a few people acting in a mob mentality and being violent.


By Michael Normandin

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