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The Top 10 Most Bizarre YouTube Channels

Photo of the Youtube website loaded up on a PC screen (vanguardnews - Michael Normandin) 

Since its creation, YouTube has allowed many individuals to share their ideas and hobbies, and for some, even gain international fame. However, when a site such as YouTube allows just anyone to post content, even with strict regulations, some obscure, odd content can be found on the site, and it's not all bad, it can truly fascinate someone and make them want to watch more. The following are some channels where you can find and watch these particular videos.

10. David Firth

Whether you realize it or not, you are likely already familiar with David Firth's work, for he is the mind behind the extremely popular "Salad Fingers" series. In case you've been living under a rock for the past twenty years and haven't seen it, it is a series that revolves around the titular character, a green man with abnormally long fingers living in a post-apocalyptic universe. It is quite the experience because, despite its unsettling nature, there are some points where you almost feel like laughing, albeit nervously and without much enthusiasm. Firth's other videos have a similar art style and film style, with many having little plot, allowing viewers to interpret his content however they see fit. "Dog Of Man" and "Cream" are two of his most popular uploads, aside from "Salad Fingers". If you are a fan of Tim Burton, as well as shock art, this YouTube channel will certainly be a treat for you.

9. Miss Shaye St.John or Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic

Although these are two separate channels, they have very similar content and are possibly run by the same person/group of people. Miss Shaye Saint John, as well as Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic, feature videos of a deformed mannequin type person, named Shaye Saint John. However, the latter also includes other random videos, many which are very disturbing. If you've seen the video "Hand Thing", you are familiar with these types of videos- bizarre, creepy, and to some, perhaps funny. I personally found "Hand Thing" hysterical, but couldn't stand some of his other videos, such as "Kitty Candy". It's really a matter of personal preference. However, if you become a real fan of this channel for some reason, there is a website as well, called Shaye Saint, so you can take your love of the strange to the next level.

8. Poppy

Poppy is your typical teen pop star, who actually creates some pretty catchy songs. Except, well, she ISN'T typical. The entire channel is surrounded with conspiracy theories, and it's easy to see why. Most of her videos are short and feature her staring hollowly into the camera, doing questionable, random things. In one, she talks to a black skull, and in another, she talks about her fun trip to Japan, before hurriedly telling the viewer not to let "them" know she's there. Upon closer examination, her videos seem deeply symbolic, though, of the life behind famous stars and the control higher-ups hold upon them. If you are looking for an interesting and disturbing insight into fame, Poppy is a very interesting channel to watch.

7. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Home to arguably the creepiest video series on YouTube, "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" is, like Poppy, surrounded by conspiracies and seems to have a deep meaning behind its content. The videos all feature the same 3 puppet characters and parody children's' educational shows such as Sesame Street. The first, which is the most popular and was uploaded 6 years ago, feature these characters sitting around a table and being taught how to be "creative" by a talking notebook. At first, it seems fairly simple and lighthearted but soon takes a dark turn, as the notebook shuts down any ideas the puppets have. The other videos follow a similar formula and seem to be continuations to the first video. Although the videos seem almost psychedelic, some theorists believe that they are representative of the programming MK Ultra victims experienced, due to certain symbols present in the videos. If you have some free time, watch them and try to figure it out yourself.

6. Seinfeldspitstain

Seinfeldspitstain's most popular video to date is "Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour", and if you have seen that video, you know the dodgy animation style, robotic voices, and overall bizarre feel the video had throughout. His other videos all feature the same "unique" animation style, and usually have subject matter that makes little sense, but is unsettling nonetheless. Another aspect worth noting is that the majority of his videos feature well-known characters from kids' cartoons, such as Spongebob, and unsurprisingly, a plethora of Jimmy Neutron characters. If you choose to watch these for yourself, just be sure to expect the unexpected, because anything is possible in Seinfeldspitstain's videos.

5. MonKenKen

A recent trend on YouTube has been channels that upload obscure videos directed toward kids, that feature content that is far from kid-friendly. Even adults find this content disturbing, and are usually even more unsettled by the fact that their children could be subject to these horrific videos simply by searching up their favourite characters, since the videos have names that can easily be connected to those tags, even if the names don't make much sense or have nothing to do with the content of the videos (such as, for example, Elsa Baby Spiderman Nursery Rhymes Funny). They include toy unboxings, cartoons, and live actions skits, all with a similar feel to them. This particular channel is one of many, so while it certainly isn't the only channel like this out there, it is certainly bizarre. One of their recent videos features a live-action skit of a young boy waking up being attacked by a toy tarantula, and although it is shoddily made and may be comical to older audiences, the idea of waking up with a tarantula on your face is certainly freaky to any young kids who may be watching.

4. Mamma Kangaroo Play-Doh Videos & Disney Toys

Like the last one, this is one of those channels that is seemingly aimed at children that features unsettling content. By the name, it probably sounds like a great channel for little ones, but it is anything but. A vast majority of their videos feature Baby Alive Dolls getting into questionable situations, even getting injured in a fairly graphic manner, or having syringes inject fluids into them. All kinds of nope.


A film project of sorts that began in 2000, EVERYTHINGISTERRIBLE is a channel created by a group of people who cut and splice old VHS tapes to create completely different, usually extremely strange videos. One of the most popular of these videos, which has amassed over 4 million views, is entitled "So Your Cat Wants A Massage?", an "instructional" video about how to give your cat a massage. They have a dedicated following and are still very involved in the project, uploading once in a while, maintaining a website (Everything is Terrible!.com), and even making live appearances. Among these achievements, they have also released a few DVDs, including "What A Great Crowd" (released in 2013) and "Everything is Terrible! The Movie" (released in 2009).

2. Nana825763

Nana825763 is a channel created by a Japanese animator, who mostly remains anonymous but has gone on record before saying that he is greatly inspired by the Silent Hill franchise. This alone should raise a few red flags, or at least arouse some intrigue within you, depending on the type of person you are, as well as give you an idea of the kind of content you will be subject to. However, not all of his videos are gory and disturbing, some are just plain bizarre- much of his videos are actually vlog type content documenting the lives of his ants.

1. Smilewithme

Although I tried not to make this list follow a particular order, I will admit that this channel, at least in my opinion, beats out all the others by a long shot when it comes to being strange, disturbing, and mysterious. There are only 11 videos on the channel, all of which are so cryptic and don't have any discernible meaning, just eerie imagery and occasional text across the screen. Those who have seen the videos have a tendency to believe that the channel is all centered around an alternate reality game or an eccentric art project. Either way, explaining it with words is pretty difficult, so I suggest you watch a few videos yourself and make your own judgment.

By Jade Sherry

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