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This Video Should Have Been Aired On TV

       Video from Grunt Style YouTube channel, it was embedded onto our site for this article.

This video while short is very powerful, it's powerful because of the way it's filmed, the point of view it shows, and makes the viewer think about the protests that happen and what it might make police officers, former military members, and patriotic alike feel. The video was posted by Grunt Style, a company that delivers a lot of high quality and patriotic apparel. It must also be noted that the description of the video does inform us about what's happening a little bit but we felt we could go a little deeper.

The video starts off by showing the viewer that a protest is happening. The viewer has no idea what it's about, but it's possible that it's about police brutality since there are signs that say "Police = Fascism," "Stop Letha Force," and "Burn It Down!" This indicates that this protest could be over a number of different things from wrongful killing, the police presence itself, or both. It can also be much more than just those examples.

The main focus is a police officer. He seems to be in riot gear, this is indicated by the helmet that he's wearing. This officer is also wearing protective goggles. While this scene is happening a protester decides to douse the flag of the United States in some form of flammable liquid, most likely lighter fluid. The viewer does see the protester douse the flag in the liquid, however, the most important part is when the flag is set on fire, the viewer sees it through the reflection in the officer's protective glasses. This almost immediately informs the spectator that this ad is going to focus more on the officer's point of view.

Several things then happen very quickly, the officer seems to be remembering everything related to the U.S flag that's being burned in front of him.

Spectators are brought through a backward timeline, this goes through the police officer's life. It begins with him being accepted as an officer then the watcher sees that he's a veteran and was saluting a fallen soldier.

the video then goes to him as a football player and possibly listening to the national anthem before one of his games, at this time he's looking at the flag once again.

The second last scene is him as a child watching television. What he's watching is the U.S flag once again being raised over ground zero.

The video then ends with him preparing for the now rioters to charge him, of which they do but the video ends before we see what happens.

During the entire ad, there's a girl singing in a soft and slow manner. What this does is drives connections to the viewer and can make some people emotional.

This ad could have done so much for the perspective of things. Everyone often hears the perspective of the protesters expressing their right to protest. However, when someone decides to burn a flag, the flag that helps hold up the right to protest in front of someone who's a veteran and loves that flag, it creates disparity. It manages to make someone not want to support a protest.

Often no one really gets to see what the officer might be thinking when a protest is happening. This is because they should be impartial and be doing their job. This video has done so well because of the impact and way it makes people think.

Unfortunately, the video never aired on television or was even an "official" ad. Grunt Style even mentioned in the description of the video that they "weren't denied or rejected by anyone." They go on to say that " In the end, we just couldn't take the big money risk."

Overall, the ad is powerful and informative when you take the time to break it down deeply.  It shows a perspective that isn't always looked at because of the context and the jobs that police officers have.

By Michael Normandin

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