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Catherine: Full Body's Imminent Release Causes Controversy

Catherine game (via kinyu-z) 

Ever since the first Catherine game was released in 2011, the Catherine franchise has been no stranger to controversy. Considered misogynistic and overly sexual by some, although to counter these accusations (or at least the protests against sexualization), the game is explicitly aimed toward adults, and the sexual content is quite tame compared to other media nowadays. However, about the misogyny claims, it can't defend itself much there. It must be noted that this article will not be trashing any game, company or anyone.

According to, "1UP reviewer Jeremy Parish praised the game’s maturity, saying 'Catherine is a game for anyone who’s ever feared commitment, dreaded aging, felt their heart stray, dealt with a pregnancy scare, spent long booze-soaked hours commiserating with pals at the local dive bar, or simply questioned the direction their life is going as they close in on middle age.'.....But the game doesn’t confront these issues so much as half-ironically drown in them. Vincent, and the game itself are soaked in insecurity, indecision, stupidity, and above all, fear: fear of commitment, fear of children, fear of sex, and above all, fear of women." However, whether you agree with that statement or not, the new game is facing not only controversy over this original concept but also the possible discrimination against transgender individuals.

The original game centers around our protagonist, Vincent, as he struggles with commitment issues when his longtime girlfriend Katherine tells him she's pregnant. He isn't sure whether or not he's ready for marriage, and the responsibility a child would bring is something he doesn't think he has yet. Although, he doesn't admit this outwardly. Along comes Catherine, a gorgeous girl with a carefree personality, who tempts him into sleeping with her after a drunken night at the bar. Of course, the game gets much deeper and contains interesting supernatural and symbolic elements that truly make it stand out from your typical soap opera scenario. Catherine: Full Body, which is meant to be a more in-depth and erotic version of the original Catherine, involves a new character apart from Katherine and Catherine named Rin. And, as a new trailer would make it appear, Rin may be transgender.

Already, suggesting that the new game is going to contain more erotic, racy scenes is enough to garner controversy. However, with the transgender community increasing significantly in recent years, the main focus has fallen on to that topic. In the trailer, we see Rin's backside as she reveals her crotch to Vincent- and he stares, looking appalled. Although I personally find the trailer pretty vague- after all, this is a supernatural world, so for all, we know something else entirely is going on- I can see how some can view it as such an implication. After all, as I mentioned, the transgender community is increasing, and as a result, transgender characters in media are not as uncommon as they once were.

I think that we should all just wait and see before getting offended. After all, we don't know for sure what is really going on in the trailer. As obvious as it may seem, Catherine has been known for it's "more than meets the eye" symbols and implications. Therefore, jumping to conclusions doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to do. If the game itself is offensive, it's understandable that some may have negative feelings toward it, but how much can you really judge from just the trailer?

By Jade Sherry

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