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Man Is Arrested After Stabbing Intruder In His Home

Henry Vincent ,right, and Richard Osborn-Brooks, left, via the Telegraph

 A pensioner known as Richard Osborn-Brooks has been arrested after finding two intruders inside of his home. This happened in South Park Crescent in southeast London.

One of the invaders was supposedly armed with a screwdriver. A struggle seemed to have happened in the pensioners home and the suspect ended up being stabbed in the kitchen. The suspect has been named as Henry Vincent.

 According to a witness, Vincent's accomplice had attempted to drag him out to a van but appeared to have given up and left him for dead. We're not aware of who the accomplice is at this time.

Vincent was brought to the hospital where he died from his wounds.

Richard Osborn-Brooks was arrested on the suspicion of murder. The internet didn't take well to that with people calling for his release and stating that everyone should have a right to defend themselves.

One of his neighbors who wanted to stay anonymous stated: “[I’ve heard] he’s a carer – this is a pensioner that has worked all his life who wants to live and die quietly.”

It's a situation that has always caused so many people to scratch their heads. In one particular incident that's similar to this one, a man was jailed after stabbing a burglar twelve times, this was after he mistook a crowbar for a machete. 


By Michael Normandin

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