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Top 10 Animated Television Series For Adults

Daria Morgendorffer (Image taken from

Everyone who hasn't been living under a rock the past decade has seen Family Guy and The Simpsons at least once while flicking through channels. They are brilliant shows with comedy relevant to today's societal issues, such as politics, territory that many other shows (especially at their time of release) were afraid to. Thanks to them, the adult animation genre has grown significantly over the years, and although they will forever be classics, after over 20 years of watching them, you may become bored. Here is a list of 10 shows of the same genre to enjoy the next time you feel like some colorful characters and relatable jokes.

*Anime will be included on this list as well, however, if you don't particularly enjoy it, there is obviously no obligation to watch it. However, if you've never heard of some of the anime titles and are new to the genre, I highly recommend you give the ones included here a try.

10. Rick And Morty

This show, which began in December of 2013, has certainly gained a massive following over the years, and with good reason. Anyone who has seen the Back To The Future trilogy (or even just the first one for that matter) and enjoyed it will also enjoy this show, as it follows a similar story involving two similar protagonists. The plot revolves around the Smith family, a pretty typical family which consists of two parents and two teenage kids, as well as an eccentric mad scientist of a grandfather who is residing with them. The adventures span over various different dimensions and universes, so every episode is a completely unique experience like no other show on this list. The third season concluded in October, so now would be the perfect time to catch up, before the fourth season comes out.

9. Bob's Burgers

Another show that has garnered an incredible fanbase over the years, Bob's Burger's is another cartoon that people believe will become one of the only adult animation classics that doesn't belong to Seth Macfarlane's extensive resume. People were hooked from the beginning- the series premiere drew in 9.39 million viewers, making it the highest-rated series premiere of the season. It follows the Belcher family, who runs a burger joint on Ocean Avenue in an unnamed seaside community. It mainly focuses on the struggles of running a business as well as caring for a family of 3 quirky children. Comedy ensues, and although the premise for the show sounds pretty simple, the family sometimes ends up in some wacky situations that make for good laughs.

8. Futurama

Another show heavily influenced by science fiction, Futurama was created by none other than Matt Groening, the legendary creator of The Simpsons. This alone should be indicative of its quality, but if you aren't convinced yet, allow me to give you a short summary of its premise: A 20th century pizza delivery boy unknowingly gets cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, and after waking up in the 31st century, obtains a job at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company. With a relatable protagonist and cast of characters, all with truly unique backstories, Futurama is a show almost anyone can enjoy.

7. Robot Chicken

One of the ultimate parody shows, Robot Chicken is responsible for butchering many a childhood memory in the best way possible. While there isn't a particular storyline to the series, it has various stop-motion skits and short sketches that usually incorporate pop culture references to everything from popular kids' cartoons to more obscure, older shows. Of course, it may not be for you, but if you're in the mood for a comedy that doesn't require you to think too much, you should certainly check it out.

6. Death Note

One of the shows on this list that hails from Japan, and therefore uses the anime art style, Death Note has been considered a masterpiece by anime fans and non-anime fans alike. It poses many philosophical and ethical questions regarding morals and justice, all while entrancing viewers in its intriguing storyline. When Light Yagami finds a Death Note, a book with the power to kill the individuals whose names are written on its pages, we witness his deterioration from a teenager seeking justice to a demented, power-hungry killer. On the other hand, we have the eccentric detective prodigy known only as L, who is intent on capturing the culprit behind the sudden influx of murders. It is similar to live crime dramas, but with an added supernatural element, and the constant battle of wits between the two genius protagonists is guaranteed to keep you captivated until the very end. Also, if you've seen the Netflix remake and hated it, don't worry, the animated series is much better and almost shares no similarities. It's a wonder both versions are even allowed to share the same title.

5. Mike Tyson Mysteries

Have you ever wanted to see a Scooby-doo type show involving wrestling champion Mike Tyson, a talking pigeon, the ghost of a dapper British man, and a clever Asian girl? Then one, what drugs have you been doing lately? And two, you happen to be in luck. Mike Tyson Mysteries follows that exact cast of characters while they go on to solve mysteries involving supernatural creatures and crime. It is a hilarious parody of the teen detective trope. It is a Netflix exclusive, so hopefully, you have access to the streaming service to watch this hidden gem. *Fun fact, although the presence of a pigeon seems as random as the rest of the characters alongside Tyson, it was actually added in as a nod to Mike Tyson's side hobby: breeding pigeons.

4. Hellsing Ultimate

I'll warn you straight off the bat, this show is the goriest on this list, and one of the goriest anime shows of all time. So if you're squeamish about blood and guts, this show is definitely not for you, skip it. However, if you don't mind this type of content, then you're in for a treat. Hellsing Ultimate follows Integra Windgates Fairbrook Hellsing (what a mouthful), the head of the Hellsing family and organization, who is responsible for defending Great Britain against all supernatural, satanic, and extraterrestrial threats. Ironically, her army includes vampires under her command, all of which are incredibly powerful. When an organization of Neo-Nazis poses a threat to the country, it is up to Hellsing to defeat them, and this ultimately culminates in a war of epic proportions.

3. Detroit Metal City

Ah, show business, there's nothing like it. It can change a person, either for the better or for worse- usually for the worse though. And this is the case in this comedy anime series, in which Soichi Negishi's life is flipped upside down by his career. Passionate about playing folk music on his guitar, and dreaming of someday becoming famous for his love songs, Soichi leads a double life due to a record contract. By day, he's performing his hand-written love songs, doing what he loves. By night, he's performing in Detroit Metal City, a famous heavy metal group. Although he doesn't particularly live a "metal" lifestyle, much to his manager's and bandmates' dismay, he manages to pull off the guise of a satanic shock rocker to make his money. However, after meeting an old girlfriend from college with similar interests as him, who he ends up falling for, he feels the need to hide his devilish side- which is difficult, considering he wants to integrate her into his personal life, a large part of which is pretending to be a demon who plays the guitar and sings screamo like no other. The show itself is very short, so it's easy to binge watch and provides lots of laughs throughout.

2. Invader Zim

Although Invader Zim was for a time shown on Nickelodeon, implying it was aimed at younger audiences (between 11 and 15 years old, presumably), it was pulled from the network due to low ratings and a plethora of production issues. However, it is considered a cult classic nowadays, and despite its cancellation, during its run, it won an Annie Award, an Emmy Award, and a World Animation Celebration Award, and was nominated for six Annie Awards and a Golden Reel Award. The plot is quite complex, but to summarize it quickly, it's about an alien who gets banished from his native planet and ends up on planet Earth. There, he attempts to infiltrate the human race by blending into everyday environments such as school. Although it doesn't have any dirty jokes or particular reasons for being considered an "adult" cartoon- it wasn't one, to begin with, anyway- it certainly appeals more to an older audience, with its interesting and unique storyline.

1. Daria

Whether you were a misunderstood, angsty teenager, or you are now a misunderstood, angsty adult, this is a show you're going to enjoy. Not only is the show full of sharp and witty humor, relatable quotes, and interesting episodes, the protagonist, Daria Morgendorffer, is one of the greatest female protagonists of all time, in my opinion. While I am no feminist, I certainly agree that women and girls should learn to be independent and not rely on anyone, men or otherwise, and Daria is inspiring because she also has that attitude. She is also inspiring to misfits in general, even if they aren't female, by acting as her unconventional self without caring what anyone else thinks. She has her flaws, certainly, and goes through things many other teenage girls go through but refuses to let that change her. If you have ever been to high school (or currently are enrolled in high school), you'll find the characters surrounding Daria very similar to real life high schoolers, and although some are annoying at times, you'll come to love them too in the end. Overall, Daria is a must-watch, although it does take a certain sense of humor to fully appreciate.

By Jade Sherry

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