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U.S Visa Applicants Could Be Asked About Social Media Identities

Carlos Barria | Reuters
President Donald Trump

Many applicants for U.S visas might end up having to give up social media identities from the last five years to the government. This has been proposed by the federal government to increase vetting of individuals coming into the country.  The move has been both a concern and feeling of relief for some individuals.

The proposal may be approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OBM). If it does get approved, it's said that it can affect around 14.7 million people per year.

This is being done to increase vetting procedures in the country. This was part of President Trump's plan to have "extreme vetting" of foreigners as a preventative measure of terrorism.

The entire idea of it has people divided. Some feel that this is a dangerous path. Others feel that the United States should be able to do whatever they want with their immigration process.

If someone is asked to hand over social media identities and they're denied, was it because of their political opinions, critical of the U.S, or who they talk to around the world? It certainly is a fine line that can easily be crossed, individuals should be able to openly express themselves on the internet without the fear of being denied entry into the country or even citizenship.

However, if individuals have connections to radical groups and have threatened the lives of politicians, should that person be accepted into the country, especially if they've openly said threats? Some citizens support the proposal because they feel only the best people should be allowed into the country.

It's something that seems to have people from all sides of the political spectrum concerned, whether or not they agree or disagree with it.  

By Michael Normandin

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