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The Cleaning Of The Chateauguay River Is Happening

Chateauguay river (Michael Normandin vanguardnews)

Chateauguay is a relatively small town. It's only got a population of around fifty-thousand people but manages to show an initiative to stay green. The "Cleaning Of The Chateauguay River" is essentially where people get together and clean the banks of the river. It's also said that around two-hundred trees will be distributed.

The activity is set to take place rain or shine on May 19, 2018, and the location will be on Marcel-Seers Park. This is said to be the intersection of D'Youville Boulevard and Girouard Street.

Some people who are quite fit will be allowed to partake in going into steep sections of the river banks. This will be done by using safety harnesses as well as ropes. It's expected that this will be done by two teams. There's also going to be teams of around ten-twelve people who might be doing the less physical activity but will still clean up the river bank. Every team should have a leader that will be selected for them. The teams are apparently going ot be trained on-site.

There are also going to be two water bottles provided to each individual at the start of the event. It's also said that gloves and garbage bags are going to be provided.  As a reward, the participants will be able to go to a free BBQ at the end of the entire clean up.

We spoke to Marcus Jit, a local resident of Chateauguay and asked him what he thinks of this initiative and if he'll be able to attend.

He said: "Ok well this is the first I'm hearing of the river cleaning I think it's a great idea that will make the spot more popular with people during the summer I don't think I would be able to participate in any of the cleanings due to my schedule but I would be fine donating some money to help buy cleaning supplies and anything else they might need."

Monthly Chateauguay magazine

By Michael Normandin

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