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Gaming Scholarships are coming in hard.

Gaming (pixabay) 

Scholarships are unique and always offered to people who are exceptional in some way or another. Gaming has never really been considered when it came to scholarships but recently that idea has changed.  the National Association of Collegiate esports, scholarships have risen by five times.  So, all those times people sat down and were on the backs of gamers just because they played games instead of playing “actual sports” might finally be coming to an end.

This is a great tool for many people who don’t play traditional sports because it can give them the ability to help pay for school while doing their past time. Playing some games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, a first-person shooter that puts teams of five people up against each other and the best tactics and accuracy win is just one way someone could end up getting that degree in writing they so desperately want.

Counter-Strike is arguably one of the larger Esports games out there. Just today CSGO yanked in a whopping 435,721 players for its peak, according to the steampowered website.

What this means is that there must be a good portion of those people playing competitive matches. Out of those players, the ones to actually get a scholarship will be small. This is because the vast majority of players aren’t going to go pro. You’ll have the odd one who will but in general, most people just play to pass the time and be social. They basically just want to have a good time and hang out with the people around them.

Scholarships already offer a large portion of people the ability to get a good education for less or even no money. This is just another avenue for people to actually go ahead and take. They don’t have to be held back by being gamers. That alone is something a lot of gamers feel because they see the Football, and baseball scholarships available to the best. They never had an option before but they now do and people are going to try and take advantage of it. More often than not, you’re going to see some people jump on this and end up going truthfully pro. It will be a sight to remember because it’s literally history. It would be the first time someone could say that they went to school under a scholarship to effectively become a professional gamer. It’s also the job title that millions of people have wanted for decades but are only capable of kind of getting now.


By Michael Normandin

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