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Why Do Some People Prefer Laptops Over Desktops

Via The Verge

Laptops are just another piece of technology that we all love. They allow us to work in a mobile setting and can even be cheaper than a traditional desktop in some cases. Some people prefer one over the other. Why is this the case?

This post is not intended to divide anyone, we're just looking into an issue. We also wanted to inform you of some reasons that might be present for someone preferring one or another.

What are laptops exactly? 

Laptops are mobile computers but don't get confused, they're not like your smartphone. They can do much more than what a phone can do. A phone can be rather limited since it's small and the tech backing it up isn't the best of the best. A laptop has got more backing it up. Laptops tend to have the more powerful technology backing them up. 

Laptops are also pretty mobile. They are smaller than their desktop counterparts. There is, however, a catch. In this case, it's the fact that the technology isn't as good when compared to that of a desktop.

Via Laptop Mag

So. why do people prefer laptops. 

Well, it's actually quite simple. They like the portability and decent tech that comes with it. When someone has the option to do something on a computer, they will take that option instead of actually having to write it out. The convenience is just there. A laptop is an undeniably more mobile than a desktop, this allows people to bring it to work, school a local cafe. When they have their own device with them and that device allows them to do whatever they want, they'll likely enjoy it. 

Laptops are also pretty small when compared to a desktop. They can fit in most bags and generally have long-lasting battery life. However, most of the time a desktop can get more power than a laptop, unless there's no power during a storm, then someone's laptop turns into a cool little movie watching device. 

Essentially, laptops are great for mobility and can operate from anywhere in the world, so long as they have their battery charged. They're great for power outages and can be even better if you're able to use them at a school since all of your work can be in one place. 


By Michael Normandin

The U.S Wants Major North Korean Nuclear Disarmament

A North Korean missile on display at a parade in Pyongyang. South Korea has collected debris from the North Korea rocket that was launched Saturday. File Photo by Yonhap

The United States would like to see some "major" nuclear weapon disarmament from North Korea.
This is coming after the president of the United States, Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, met in Singapore.

What is going on? 

The act of the removal of these nuclear weapons is something that the United States actually wants to have done in 2.5 years. That timeframe could cause a bit of between the two negotiating parties. It could cause a disagreement because it's a small timeframe and pushed the North Koreans to actually acting on their agreed upon subjects in a fast manner. When pushing a state to do something it could create chaos because said state might feel that they're being turned into a puppet.

A major nuclear weapon removal is something that can make the North feel vulnerable but is needed if relations are to continue going to well. If one side does not hold their end of the bargain up, all these efforts to talk will go right down the drain. This situation is basically very volatile because Kim Jong Un can be somewhat unpredictable in certain circumstances.

The past. 

In the past, the United States and North Korea had millions of people thinking that an all-out war would break out. This would happen because the North would test a nuke or the U.S would go ahead and do some military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. It seems as if both sides were aware that a war wouldn't actually solve any of their problems. They may have even realized that it would just create more issues in the long run.  It's still a volatile situation but was worse just a few months ago. 



By Michael Normandin

North Korea Commits To Removing Nuclear Weapons

Photo credit: The Hill

President Donald Trump of the United States and Kim Jong Un of North Korea have apparently come to an agreement like no other. The two leaders also met in Singapore.

Both parties have made a commitment that showed real progress between the relations of the two nations. 

Kim Jong Un has agreed to denuclearization, an act that proves he's willing to not have nuclear weapons. North Korea been testing them for some time and they've caused more than their fair share of controversy in Asia as a whole. 

President Trump promised "security guarantees" to the small nation. He's likely doing this by stopping some military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. 

Why was this meeting so important? 

This is a historic moment because a meeting like this one wasn't expected of a lot of people. The two nations have been at each other's necks for years. Within that time frame, the two nations never really tried to solve any issues at hand but this time it might be different.



By Michael Normandin

Teens and Stress

Teens and Stress (via pixabay) 

Stress is unavoidable and must be addressed. It's not something that can be just hidden away inside your mind. Stress can affect your health both in a negative and positive way. Teens often deal with their stress in very different ways, if not handled correctly it can result in emotional distress. I've found that teens find themselves under stress because of school, their social life and how they deal with everyday stress. 

If stress isn't handled correctly it's possible that bad things can be the result of that choice. For Example, if someone is stressed because they're an accountant and they need to meet quarterly demand and they're behind, they can find themselves stressed to meet the quota. In this example, if stress isn't handled properly the accountant could find themselves having outbursts and being on what I would call an emotional rollercoaster. They might be yelling at one moment then crying the next. Stress when bottled up, which is often what people do, unfortunately, leaves them feeling rather bipolar (a mental illness in which many factors are visible, including being on an emotional rollercoaster). This accountant might usually be more relaxed but when the quarterly quotas come around, he might feel more stressed than his usual self.

Stress for teens

Teens, in particular, are under stress a lot. In fact, according to Psychology Today, they have a higher rate of depression and anxiety. These two things go almost alongside stress, especially if it's put alongside school. A highschooler would typically be a teen. They find themselves having a ton of homework to do, dealing with social issues like isolation due to their mobile devices. Students will find themselves isolated because they're doing homework and not all teachers assign the same thing so they can't work on it with friends. They then end up doing their homework at home, alone, generally in their rooms. This makes them feel disconnected and unable to talk to their friends because they know they'll end up losing to much time. They also can sometimes stay awake at night because they're freaking out before a test. They don't know how they'll do on it and how it's going to look. This causes them to feel unhappy and tired for the upcoming test. Having these factors all piled onto each other with a family that is somewhat dysfunctional would be enough to make some teenagers just drop out. It's something that happens to a few kids, they'll drop out of school because they just can't handle everything it's tossing at them. Imagine a 16-year-old student in high school, he's got his iPhone and enjoys going on social media. He's helping his parents out with money when he can but he hides away at lunch to do the homework he can't do when he works. This causes him to not have stimulation around people his own age. He feels unhappy and often becomes irritable around people. This is sometimes the case for students and they need to have the tools to handle these stresses properly.

Stress, like everything, has the good and the bad to it. It can be good someone who needs to catch the bus on time or they'll miss that day or school and bad for someone who's always falling behind quota and really needs the job that they're working at. The bad health implications of stress can be bad for the heart. However, if stress is handled in a different way, specifically thought about in a positive manner by which it's used as a motivator to fight procrastination. If teens were to think differently about the stress in their lives, especially at school, they could find themselves being a bit more productive and work faster to ensure that they get that much wanted/needed free time.  Being stressed doesn't need to mean that you're not healthy, it can be more of a booster for confidence. If a teen was to repurpose all those feelings of depression, anxiety, and general stress, they can be better workers. 

Stress doesn't have to be negative but it does have both negative and positive attributes. If handled incorrectly it can cause someone to feel and somewhat be, emotionally unstable. It's also unavoidable, stress is everywhere, it's how we deal with it that matters.

By Michael Normandin