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North Korea Commits To Removing Nuclear Weapons

Photo credit: The Hill

President Donald Trump of the United States and Kim Jong Un of North Korea have apparently come to an agreement like no other. The two leaders also met in Singapore.

Both parties have made a commitment that showed real progress between the relations of the two nations. 

Kim Jong Un has agreed to denuclearization, an act that proves he's willing to not have nuclear weapons. North Korea been testing them for some time and they've caused more than their fair share of controversy in Asia as a whole. 

President Trump promised "security guarantees" to the small nation. He's likely doing this by stopping some military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. 

Why was this meeting so important? 

This is a historic moment because a meeting like this one wasn't expected of a lot of people. The two nations have been at each other's necks for years. Within that time frame, the two nations never really tried to solve any issues at hand but this time it might be different.



By Michael Normandin

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