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Why Do Some People Prefer Laptops Over Desktops

Via The Verge

Laptops are just another piece of technology that we all love. They allow us to work in a mobile setting and can even be cheaper than a traditional desktop in some cases. Some people prefer one over the other. Why is this the case?

This post is not intended to divide anyone, we're just looking into an issue. We also wanted to inform you of some reasons that might be present for someone preferring one or another.

What are laptops exactly? 

Laptops are mobile computers but don't get confused, they're not like your smartphone. They can do much more than what a phone can do. A phone can be rather limited since it's small and the tech backing it up isn't the best of the best. A laptop has got more backing it up. Laptops tend to have the more powerful technology backing them up. 

Laptops are also pretty mobile. They are smaller than their desktop counterparts. There is, however, a catch. In this case, it's the fact that the technology isn't as good when compared to that of a desktop.

Via Laptop Mag

So. why do people prefer laptops. 

Well, it's actually quite simple. They like the portability and decent tech that comes with it. When someone has the option to do something on a computer, they will take that option instead of actually having to write it out. The convenience is just there. A laptop is an undeniably more mobile than a desktop, this allows people to bring it to work, school a local cafe. When they have their own device with them and that device allows them to do whatever they want, they'll likely enjoy it. 

Laptops are also pretty small when compared to a desktop. They can fit in most bags and generally have long-lasting battery life. However, most of the time a desktop can get more power than a laptop, unless there's no power during a storm, then someone's laptop turns into a cool little movie watching device. 

Essentially, laptops are great for mobility and can operate from anywhere in the world, so long as they have their battery charged. They're great for power outages and can be even better if you're able to use them at a school since all of your work can be in one place. 


By Michael Normandin

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